Friday, March 9, 2007

We Want to Hear From You

The last several weeks have been the most trying time in the lives of the Hartman family. While it's been incredibly difficult for them, they have been touched by the love and support they've received from the community and are incredibly grateful.

It's hard to imagine that what happened to their daughter and sister hasn't had an impact on others. So the family would like to hear from you.
  • Did you participate in the search efforts?
  • Did you contribute in some other way?
  • How did contributing make you feel?
  • Did you learn anything from that experience or by seeing the events unfold in the case?

Please post your feedback to this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.


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paul and sherry dean said...

We contributed by providing a memorial video for the family to celebrate the life of Jackie. During the week it took to gather all the photographs and create the DVD, we got to experience just how special the Hartman family really is.

There hasn’t been a single day since I started working on the video that I haven’t thought about the Hartman’s. It was truly an honor to be able to contribute in some way, but I also recognize that only those who have gone through such a circumstance could ever relate to the pain the family must continue to feel each and every day.

For me, seeing Dave greet all 700+ people at the tent on the day of the services will forever be etched in my mind. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for you that day; let alone taking the time to smile and hug each and every person who was in attendance. Dave, you are truly amazing.

For my wife, she had held herself together fairly well until she met Cara for the first time. During the get together following the services, she said it was one of the hardest things she has ever experienced when she looked into Cara’s eyes. Only then was she able to comprehend the pain and loss at a level that no longer seemed surreal. We love you Cara.

Although I cried numerous times during the week it took to put the video together, there were two different occasions where it turned into uncontrollable sobbing. The first came when my daughter and I were working on the video clip for Brianna. There was a song from the Tarzan soundtrack that had a very special meaning and I remember thinking just how senseless this tragedy really was.

The second came when my own daughter, who is 11, had tried so desperately to contribute in some way. She was searching the internet one day for news and information when she came across Jackie’s My Space account. Her sister Randi had continued to manage the website and had turned it into a beautiful memorial where her friends and family could say goodbye. It was strange how one place could be so amazingly heartfelt and yet so incredibly heartbreaking all at the same time.

Having seen all the photos of Jackie and Randi together, it was perhaps the single hardest moment for me personally. Having lost my older sister at a young age as well, it was the only time throughout all of this that I could relate to in some small way. As I said at my sister’s funeral, you must remember that Jackie will more than likely not be an Angel in Heaven, for God has much bigger plans for a smile so big and beautiful as hers, as she was already an Angel here on Earth to all of you.

And for those who wonder just how amazingly special the Hartman family is, consider this… on the eve of the memorial service, the family took the time to put together a plaque that they gave to every last person who helped their family get through this. It is a beautiful tribute to Jackie with special thanks from the family. Considering all you have been through, can anyone say they have ever even heard of such a thing? I know I haven’t, but I can assure you that Jackie’s spirit will forever live on and will be proudly displayed in my home forever.

And finally, there are no words valiant enough to offer comfort or solace under such circumstances. However, it is time for the Hartman family to stop thanking the community who rallied behind them during their time of need. If there is one thing we have learned about your wonderful family, Jackie included, is that any one of you would have done the same without hesitation. Just remember that all of us, even strangers alike, would never have stopped until you found the sense of peace that is necessary to begin healing a broken heart.

All we ask is that you take care of each other and let us know that you are doing alright. Take life one day at a time, and if ever you need us again, for anything, all 700+ of us from last weekend (and then some), would be at your doorstep again…


Dianne said...

When we first learned of Jackie's disappearance, my heart sank. I hadn't had the privilege of meeting Cara, Jackie, or Randi but had heard such great things about the family. Just two days prior to her disappearance, Dave was at our home and Kevin, Dave and I were commenting on how we needed to get the two families together soon. I never, ever thought I would be meeting Cara or Randi under such circumstances.

We both wanted to help in any way that we could to bring Jackie home. As working parents of a 2 year old, it was difficult to participate in too many of the searches. When Kevin came home after that first search, he commented on how vast the area being searched was. It was literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When both Kevin and I were searching one day, I would mentally ask "Jackie, where are you?" and imagine her responding saying "I'm here." We both wanted to find her so much. As the days and weeks passed, my focus turned to just bringing her home.

It was actually Kevin's idea to create a space on the internet where we could communicate search information, etc. to anyone who was interested and wanted to help in some way...even if only to remember the Hartman's and Jackie in their prayers. That was when findingjackiehartman was born. It has been a privilege to work with people like Kelly Bennett and Lynn Camomile to keep all as informed about these events as possible. It has been an honor to contribute in some way that might help Dave and Cara get Jackie back.

The service held last weekend was...well, sad...but beautiful as well. You couldn't have asked for a prettier day, though it didn't compare to the beauty that was Jackie inside and out.

I have no idea what it would be like to lose a child. But I do know what it's like to be a surviving sibling. I was a little older than Randi when I lost my youngest brother suddenly. I know a lot of the feelings Randi must surely be experiencing right now. For Brianna I can only imagine that this is really tough for her, but does what's happened really make that much sense to her? I don't know. I don't want to forget about Randi or Brianna in the aftermath. Though they do not know me, really, I want them to know I am here for them and can relate to what they are going through.

I am forever changed by what's happened to Jackie and her family, and heartened by how the community at Honeywell and the Valley came together to support and help the Hartman family. This was a reminder, for me, to make the time to be with family and friends -- to make every second with them count. There should never be a doubt in their minds that they're important to me and that I love them.

My wish for the family is that they stay strong, talk to each other, and get through this terrible ordeal together. May God grant them peace knowing Jackie is with Him, comfort knowing Jackie will be with them always in their hearts, and strength to continue to live their lives the way it sounds like Jackie would have wanted.

We love you and continue to be here for you. God bless.

Dianne, Kevin, and Jamie

Anonymous said...

I did not know Jackie personally.
My Brother In Law Jeff worked with Jackie's father. And also helped search, I will never be able to drive to payson without thinking about Jackie for the rest of my Life. If I had not had 2 sisters murdered myself. One execution style. I would not be able to relate as well as I can.
To the Hartmans I am so sorry for your loss of your Daughter & Sister. I don't think a day has gone by without me thinking of Jackie. Jackie has left an Impact that will stay forever. Although Jackie is not on earth with us anymore. Jackie is in our Hearts and thoughts FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

I helped seach for Jackie. I am a member of the Southern Ariaona Rescue Association and an EMT. I have been on several serach and rescue/recovery missions and only a few have ever been successful.

I have a 20 year old daughter and so I felt very close to you, even though I have never meant you. Your pain could have easily been my own. One Sunday I took my daughter with me and we walked the mountains north of Deer Creek. And one time I took my friends 16 year old daughter with me and we searched near Gielsa. Each one of those girls were deeply effected at the end of the day and I think many other young women were affected by Jackie's dissappearance and the tragedy of how it ended. I truly believe that there is something that will be gained by others that may one day save someones life. A true reminder that all women need to take care of who they associate with.

When I heard that Jackie had been found, my heart broke for you. Yet, I was releived because I knew that she was going to go home.
Mr. Hartman, you are so strong, and such an amazing man. You only wanted to being your little girl home and you were so determined.

Doing search and rescue/recovery is something that I do because I want to help bring closure to families and help save those that I can. I am only one person, and there were hundreds of volunteers out there. I have come to learn through years of expierence that it never gets easier. I only know that each person in this world makes a difference. I am glad that I am one of them. It was truly an honor to be able to contribute in some way.

Jackie's spirit will live on forever in my heart. She has touched many lives, and will never be forgotton.


Anonymous said...

B It was my Honor to assist in searching for Jacki Hartman, as time permitted. I can say, by having a full time Government Job at night, being assigned to go places where other people are not suposed to be. It was very hard staying focused knowing that Jackie Hartman, who I have never met and, have only read about, was out there somewhere waiting to be found. I feel honord about helping search for Jackie Hartman, and contributing as so, many have in order to help bring closure for the Hartman, family. I regreat not being able to have had more time in performing a search of other areas. I feel that a little more information from the police would have enhanced the ability of all citizen search teams who assisted, without bringing any damage to the investigation. I Pray that GOD will watch over the Hartman, Family, and keep them strong forever by giving them and, all of wonderful people who assisted in searching for Jackie Hartman, The (Serenity) to accept the things we cannot change, The (Courage) to change the things we can and, the (Wisdom) to know the difference. MAY GOD BLESS THE HARTMAN, FAMILY AND THE CITIZENS OF MARICOPA COUNTY AND ALL OTHER ARIZONA COUNTIES FOREVER.

Katie Lake said...

I did not phsically help search for Jackie but I helped pay for the gas it took to put into my Sons truck so that he could search and I babysat for my grandaughers when my daughter and son in law went out on the weekend. I also prayer about it a lot and cried.

To this very day there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about Jackie. For some reason she always pop into my head almost first thing every morning. Maybe it is to remind me that life is precious and not to be taken for granted.

I remember Jackie with foundness and sadness. That last time I saw her was New Years day. She was sleeping in my granddaughers bunk bed. My granddaugher, Becca, was wondering who was in her bed so we went and had a peek and we woke Jackie up accidently. I told her to go back to sleep and she said she needed to get up anyway as she had to work that day. She then woke up Randi, who was asleep on the couch, and they both said goodbye. It is strange to look back and think that that was the last words I ever spoke with her. You just never know what the future holds.

I am reminded that just a week or 2 before Jackie disapeared I was talking with my daughter and she told he that she was so glad that her daughter, Monica, had 2 friends that were such a good influence on her and she was so gratfully that she had these friends, the one was Jackie.

Jackie always encouraged and tried to get Monica and Nicole to always get along. She used to remind them that they were sisters and they should be true to each other. Jackie had sisters that she valued and it was always well know that she did. She always encouraged everyone to support their own family first. Jackie was solid and she did not waiver back and forth.

I remember the first time that Monica told me about Jackie. Monica had been best friends with Nichole Smith for years and then Nichole got a boy friend and things changed. Anyway, Monica came home one day and told me she had a new best friend and her name was Jackie Hartman.

I remember at times that Monica would get frustrated with Jackie because while Monica liked to go out to the Movies, dances, football games and parties, Jackie would rather stay at home. She was much more comforable at home than she was anyplace else.

She did go to the winter formal in her Sophmore year, I believe it was. I was in your home as they were all getting ready. The meeting place was your house since Randi was doing everyones hair. I think it was also because they needed to make sure that Jackie did not back out. I then dropped them off at Black Anges and then picked them up and dropped them off at the Polar Ice, where the winter formal took place.

As this tragedy upfolded, I was sick to my heart. I will never forget the call I got Monday morning telling me that Jackie was missing. Monica had called me Sunday night but I missed that call. To be honest I am glad I missed that call as I would not have been able to sleep that night if I would have known what was going on. I was glued to the TV and the internet after that always looking for updates. I went through so many emotions as it unfolded. I was saddened but gratefull when they found her remains.

I will never forget Jackie and I can not imagine what she went through in her final hours. My heart breaks when I think about it. I hope and pray that I never have to know your pain.

What happened to Jackie could have happened to any of her friends. I hope they all realize that and will take precautions in everything they do.

I do not know how, but I do pray and hope that you all will find some peace in your hearts and that the pain will become lesser as time goes by.

If I can ever be of some help please let me Monica know so that she can tell you how to contact me. I do not have leadership qualities but I am a great at following instuctions and have the time to dedicate to a cause or project if needed.

Please take good care of yourselves and remember that you are in peoples thoughts and prayers.

Love and Peace to all of you.

David Hartman said...

I really want to strongly encourage everyone to continue posting your comments to the blog. I want to hear about everything. How you knew Jackie. Maybe you didn't know Jackie but felt the need to help. We want to hear from you. Let's hear about your expereiences, feelings, you name it. What happen to Jackie was a absolute horrible tragedy, but there was some amazing human sprit that shined through as well. I think we can build on this: Jackie would have wanted this-undoubtably!

These comments are nothing short of beautiful. In some crazy way reading these is therapeutic.

Jackie was a unique person. I really feel we are have grown in some way during this ordeal. I want this to not stop here. We will be trying to organize a non-profit company to make this community a little stronger, and build on what was started out there. So please continue to write your comments.

Thanks once again to numerous amazing people that have assisted and continue to be there for us. You are truly a blessing.

Thank you,
David Hartman

Anonymous said...

I read you comment...and I have visited this site many times. Looking at the pictures and memories of Jackie and reading what people have to say. I posted a comment, I am the Southern Arizona Rescue Association member that helped seach for your daughter.
I would be happy to help you in any way, if I can in the organization of the non profit company that could benefit others.
I felt a little frusterated when I was out there. Mainly because so little information was given to us from the police. I understand about the investigation, however this was the first search I had ever been on where the police did not work with the search parties. When Dru Sjodin was missing, the police worked with the search teams, they gave information to the people so it could possibly aid in bringing her home alive.
I found this was not true during the search fro Jackie. I had so many questions, and nobody could answer them. I spoke to a Gilbert Police Officer while the search was going on at Sunflower. He would not answer any questions pertaining to the cell phone tower. I ended up contacting a man in Payson that answered my question and that is when I started searching at the neck of Sycamore Creek. I believe that additional information could have helped find her sooner.
I know your family is going through alot right now and I pray for your family everyday. There is not a day that does not go by that I dont think of Jackie. If you do need my assistance with your project feel free to contact me. I think it is very important to help families that have no resources to find their loved ones. There is so much out there that can be done to help, and I would be happy to help. I've been doing this for a long time and I have gone through many hours of training. If you need my services please contact me at...
God Bless you~

carole said...

I am jackie's aunt carole(dave's sister) I live in new york I came to arizona to search for my niece jackie and I couldnt believe the outpouring of love and devotion that everyone gave the family being searchers, bringing food, putting things together, or just being there for us. I have never seen anything like it here in new york nor in my life have heard of a community comming together so vastly anywhere else. the people of arizona are the most amazing caring people I have had the honor to meet. I thank you so so much for your love and generosity you have shown my brother and his family I cant thank you enough. when I flew back there for the memorial services you couldnt even imagine the feelings I had for you all that many of you I also didnt get to know my niece .jackie as well as I wanted to being across country made it hard I had to know her through pictures sent and talking to family I did get to see her in different stages of her life by visiting there and dave and cara brought the kids here for a vacation about three years ago, I went to new york city with them for a couple of days and that is a memory I will cherish forever that was the last time I saw jackie.I was robbed of future memories of her.which is breaking my heart.My brother david what can I say if you havent met him yet you should he is a man everyone would want their son to be . I am so very proud of him for the man he my sister marita says he is our hero. Cara what can I say if I could take the pain from you and bear it I would my heart aches for you. you are an amazing mother I couldnt ask for a better wife for my brother. You have shown me what AMAZING STRENGTH you have by being out there searching and making sure everyone else was okay when most women would have fallen to pieces me included. the love you two share is very rare hold on to that to get you through this.Randi and Brianna I love you very much if you need to talk to someone I'm a phone call away love and kisses. I have been reading the things people have written and I totally agree with the person that said there should be a jackie law with the way the world is today we as parents should be able to look up peoples arrest history for free so parents can protect their children from scum bags like burns. Ihope justice prevails and he deserves no mercy.again I want to thank each and everyone of you for helping my brother and his family may the world take notice and learn from your generosity and love for jackie a beautiful sweet angel.

jeanette Peterson said...

To The Hartman’s,

I have wanted to write or post, but it is so hard to find the words and have them come out right. But I want you to know we are with you.
Please know there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or Jackie. Although I never had the honor of meeting your daughter it was very easy to see what a warm soul she is.
Our family did help with searching for Jackie. And in moments of walking in silence I would reflect on my own children, as this could have happen to anyone of us.
Jackie has personally given me the gift of taking the extra time with my own boys. I will never look at my children the same. And for that she has made me a better mother.
You have an amazing family, Cara I was only able to meet you briefly, but my heart is with you each and every day. I will never forget the look in your eyes. You seem like such a warm and loving person, that must be were your beautiful girls get it from.
None of the words will ever compare to easing your grief. I just want you to know Jackie has impacted my life, and for that her legacy will live with me forever.
Know we are here with you always.

Anonymous said...

As I struggled to find sleep last night I reflected back to what I felt were better days. We used to tell each other such horror stories to try and scare each other. They are no longer tales anymore, it is what is really happening in life. Is the world a more unsafe place now or is it just that we hear more news now? The news always reminds of how many sick people are in our world.

When Jackie was missing, and while we know the outcome would not be good, we all heard about the rapist that was raping young girls in Chandler. In my desperation for a good outcome to this I wished that it had only been rape. I am sure that any person that has been raped or the family of a rape victim would be appalled at that idea but it did enter my mind and I apolized to all for having such a sick thought. It is just that I was feeling so helpless in all of this.

How do these people get to be so sick? What is in their mind that they think they have the right to do whatever they please with another person? How can they stand to live with themselves? I just will never understand that.

I will pray for peace for the Hartman family and friends and for myself.

Take care of yourself, Jackie would have wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...

I helped searched! sometimes with the rescuers and sometimes just driving up and down the sahuaro lake area. I cant help but think that if the police had been more forthcoming about the actual search area they had in mind we might have been able to find her sooner. But the important thing is now that she is resting in peace with our heavenly father.

I have also turned her "missing" poster into a "in loving memory" flyer that we have in our vehicles. I was brutally raped/sodomized when i was 19 by a
man that i was on a date with, so i can somewhat imagine what Jackie might have gone through.

I hope the hartman family knows how many people all over the country are praying for them.
God bless your family.

marlene said...

I just came from my son's house and saw the beautiful thank you card the Hartman Family has sent him. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Jackie and what happened.My son gave me a bracelet today that Banner had made with Jackie's name on it .I will wear it everyday because I want you to know I'm still thinking of your family. I hope you keep this web site open so I can follow the case and be there when justice is done.Your beautiful family has been torn apart,but everyday you will remember Jackie and the good times you shared

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ellis David, Continued from 3,14,2007 12:13 AM. posting. Dear, Mr.Dave and Cara Hartman,& family. Just want to let you know,that for all of the appreication you have shown for others who helped search for Jackie if, I can ever help you and your family in in anyway possible, even thou we have never met. Please feel free to e-mail me at the below e- mail address. I look forward as many others do,to see justice performed in the very near future, to the A/H who took the life of your daughter, Miss. Jackie Hartman, She shall always be remembered in the mind and hearts of many. Take care and again "GOD BLESS" Mr. Ellis David,Phx, Az. Inventor: E-Mail Address SAVERKIDZZ @ AOL.COM

Anonymous said...

I am hoping as well we can get updates on the trial & dates so that we can support the family by being in court.
Also is there somewhere we can send our address to get a bracelet?

Thank you.

Marita said...

Hi. I am Jackie, Randi and Brianna’s Aunt Tita. Their Dad is my baby brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing all three girls their entire lives. I feel that I have bonded with them each on an individual level. It was always a treat to have time with them, to talk and laugh. When it was time for goodbyes there were always hugs and “I love you” was said to each one.

I found out about Jackie’s disappearance by way of a cell phone call from Dave. He said, “something’s wrong”. And the phone broke off. He called back and told us what was happening. In retrospect, “something’s wrong” was a huge understatement.

I helped with the search during the first week. I looked in dumpsters, searched a canal and accompanied my sisters and Uncle along Highway 87. All the time my sisters and I were praying that neither Dave nor Cara be the ones to find Jackie. We even worked up a scenario to give us hope that she might be still alive.

What happened to Jackie and our family should not have happened at all. I can verify that she and her sisters have had outstanding parents and a loving upbringing. She was taught to be cautious of people she didn’t know. She was also taught compassion for her fellow human. I feel that she got caught up in doing something out of kindness by getting into a vehicle with someone she did not know well enough. She felt sorry for him.

People, we NEED to make sure our kids understand that not all people mean well. There is a fine line between teaching compassion and being cautious. With all that has happened, I have thought about how this tragedy can teach other young people what will help them avoid this happening to them and their families.

1, NEVER LEAVE YOUR GROUP. I can’t stress that enough. Never leave friends and family that you know to go with someone you don’t know.

2. Nothing good happens after midnight. They met the bad guy at 1 a.m.

3. Any time you leave your house, be prepared to be able to walk home. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a sweater. Jackie was wearing thick soled flip-flops. A person cannot run in them.

4. Be wary of tattoos that have no color. Prison tattoos are black. It is my opinion that if a person that goes to prison is truly remorseful for their crime, they will not brand themselves a criminal for the rest if their lives.

5. Parents, insist on meeting your kid’s dates. Get a feel for them. Get phone numbers, first and last names, know where your kids are going, with whom and give a time to be home again. When Jackie was first missing all anyone knew was the bad guy’s first name and that he drove a red Ford truck. Dave did some research and found the monster’s address and license plate information. He used resources that may not be available to everyone.

Please don’t ever forget to be careful. This world is getting sicker and sadder all the time.
Don’t let Jackie’s death be in vain. Learn something from it and keep each other as safe as possible. Let’s not have anymore pain.

Peace to all of you.


marita said...

Hi, it's Marita again. After reading my post, it occured to me that I forgot something important.

6. Don't fall for false flattery and beware of charming, charasmatic people.
The bad guy approached Jackie and told her she's pretty and asked for her phone number. It was later that we found out that he was a charmer. When a girl works hard at being attractive, she can appreciate when someone notices. Red flags need to go up with someone that is too persistent.

I hope my advise is taken. I feel that each point I made is valid and it may prevent more tragedy in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Cara,

I've had Jackie on my heart which means your family and friends have been there as well. I was a part of the search for Jackie and as time passed realized we probably wouldn't find this precious human being alive, mainly because nobody called out her name. Yet, her spirit was always guiding us, whispering in our ears and her name is now forever on our lips. I was involved in a small way with the search to find Jackie, however, I would like to be involved in a larger way with the search to find peace within our communities. Please count me in no matter what the task is Dave. You have always been so good to my sister and I, especially when our house burnt were there. So please use me.
God Bless - G. Scott

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ellis David, This is for everyone who may be involved in a future search. (This is not in any way, intended to insult another persons Intelligence.) If I have? Too Bad./ I know, that the police, in criminal cases will not give out enough information for citizen or professional search teams to work with, many times the street officer will not even be advised by the defectives of any details. I don't know how others feel about this but,I woulden't mind taking a small chance of loosing a little evidence or perhaps a criminal case by providing search teams a little more information to work with, in order to save a persons life. We can all rest assured that someday in the future, many of us and other people will again, be "Honored" to do what ever it takes to perform another search for a family loved one. So,please let me add a Special Note: I feel will be of great assistance to everyone, as myself. When a person is first reported missing or lost in the Arizona Desert areas due to a kidnaping etc. and the evidence or hearsay evidence, (with many un- answered questions) points to a particular area, regardless of the square mileage. At the very start of the search and with very little police information to go on. Let us allow our (Fine Feathered Frinds) to show us where someone or something is, that is injured or sick. Observations of the Huge Black Birds, (As I will call them.) Will show an area where something has been located by them.( Watch for the circle in the sky) Thay will circle the area and after 5 to 10 Min. of observations, you should have a good fix on the area. This is a good sign that an injured person or an injured animal may still be alive. After arriving in the area you may see some of the Black Birds on the ground several feet from the person or an injured animal. This is even a better sign that the person is still alive. Iam sure this was considered by all search teams during the search for Miss.Jackie Hartman, Again, my prayers are with the Dave&Cara/Randy/Berana/Hartman, Family. GOD BLESS! (ONE MORE THING!)I feel a LAW needs to be passed in Arizona,that will prohibit all Criminals released from the Arizona State Prison,in Florance,& Tucson Az. From returning to and living in areas of Mesa,/ Gilbert/ Chandler / Scottsdale /Phoenix,/ and all other cities and towns in the State of Arizona. As a matter of fact, why release them at all? If the A/H can't function in Prison! How in the Hell! can any Judge or Board in there right mind ( If thay have one? )expect the Criminals to function without bring harm to people outside the institution? Which thay were incarcerated into in the first place inorder to protect the public, from past crimes thay have comitted. I don't care about this (Time Served crap!) Until, the (Little Stupid/ Retarded/ Candy Ass wanna-be Stud Muffin) could function in the joint, he should not have never been released. (I knew this would be a tough one) But, it's the facts that counts.) I feel a little better already!!!!

Mr. Ellis David said...

ELlis David, On 3-23-07 9:10 PM Aunt Marita wrote her comments and advise to all parents and groups with most regards to our childres and all other loved ones. Please! everyone read what she says many times as Marita is right on! I agree, we all need to do what ever it takes to protect the ones we all should love and charish the most, our family menbers and children. Thank you Marita for your wonderful words of advise for all to share. GOD BLESS YOU, and all of the Hartman family. Mr.E. David, Phx,Az.

Anonymous said...

Went to Bank of America today to make a donation in Jackie's name. It took the bank about 20-30 minutes to find the account. Just want to make you aware of this. I am a very patient person and I knew it was for a good cause so I did not mind waiting. Just wanted to bring this to your attention though as others might not have the time to wait. It just so happened that I had the day off and time was not an issue. This is not a complaint it is an fyi only. I have never made a donation like this before so I do not know if this is common or not but it does not seem like it should be.

Anonymous said...

Ellis David, again, It's not my intentions to wear this information board out. But,I have something to share with all of you good folks. Today I stoped in at the 7th Ave. & West Bell Rd. Phx. Bank of America to contribute some money into the account for the Jackie Hartman Fund. The teller had trouble looking up the account, had to ask for supervisor assistance. The young female teller ask me who this account was for? After a few words with the teller of the Jackie Hartman, tragedy.It soon appeared, that that even in a low tone of voice, I had the attention of the whole banking staff as everything become at somewhat a stand still. I could not help to notice a tear starting to form in the tellers eyes as she was trying located the account. Prior to leaving the bank I reminded the teller to remember," Ladies can't be to careful now days take care, and Thank you Miss. So, Yes! Mr.David/ Cara/Randy/Barinna/Hartman, I feel that the Tragedy of your Daughter and sister Jackie will always make a positive impact on the world and the way people think and care for themselves. I have voiced my opinion about this issue, I guess out of anger of what has happened to your family. I travel the Bee Line Highway a few times a month to find some quite time to work on my U.S.Patent issues. From now on every time I drive the old Highway SR 87. I will always think of and say a prayer for Jackie that GOD is watching over her and your family. Im sorry I diden't get to attend the funeral for Jackie and meet the family. However, as a friend keep in mind, if ever you need anything and I can be of assistance please let me know as many others have advised you to do for them. Take care, and GOD BLESS. Mr. Ellis David, SAVERKIDZZ@AOL.COM

marita ong said...

Hi. This is Jackie’s Aunt Tita again. I just heard something that I want to share on this blog about how Jackie may have saved a young woman. I was walking on a break with a co-worker and she told me about her 18-year-old niece. Just 2 days ago, her niece was in a restaurant having dinner. During her meal, a man older than her struck up a conversation with her from his own table. When it came time to pay for her meal, she did not have her debit card with her. She called her mother and asked her to come with her debit card to pay the bill. While on the phone with her mother, the man from the other table paid her bill and asked her out. My co-worker was with the girl’s mother listening to the conversation and reminded her of what happened to Jackie. At the same time, the girl also remembered Jackie and turned down the guy. Her mother said that she could send the money for the dinner to the man or she could go out for one date but be careful.

Now, none of us knows if that man had good or bad intentions, but as I see it, we don’t need to know. The young woman did not go out with the man and we are not hearing about another tragedy. I am proud of her for thinking of Jackie and for turning down the guy. She did not feel obliged to him or felt like she owed him.

As I said in my previous post, we MUST learn from what happened to Jackie or else she has died for nothing. It is OK to not be nice all the time. No one made that man pay the restaurant bill that was his choice. If he was hoping for “repayment”, I’m glad he was disappointed.

Diana M said...

Here is the same story in Diana's words.
I was sitting on the back porch w/ my sister when she received a call from her daughter Megan. Megan is 18 years old and she was at Native New Yorker with her friend Carrie and her son, Danny (1 year old). They had eaten food and when it came time to pay, her debit card wouldn't work because it was bent. She called my sister and asked her she should do. My sister gave her several options. In the meantime, a guy she was talking to paid her bill. She told my sister, "he said she was beautiful and asked her for her phone number and wanted to take her out for dinner. My sister relayed this to me while she was on the phone, and immediately I thought of Jackie and said "Jackie Hartman" to my sister. My sister said, "yes, Megan said that too."

My niece did give him her phone number, although she thinks he is too old for her. 30 years old. My sister and niece just talked about her driving her own car, meeting him in a public place and repaying him the money that he spent. That, she doesn't owe him anything else.

Just wanted you to know, that I'm sure Jackie's name will become a CODE word in our house and I'm sure there are many households as well. I was talking to a co-worker here and she said she relates the same thing to her daughter and her daughters' cousin. I told her to e-mail you also to let you know that there is something good coming out of the horrible. horrible situation.

Marita, how is this? I'm not an English major.

Jane Elstone said...

This is for the Hartmans, including Jackie:

It's Jane, the sister of Dave's former colleague Clare. I'm the Brit now living in Vancouver, Canada.

I'll try to keep it brief again. I must say, I am still reeling from the news of Jackie's passing, but I also sense an amazing drawing-together of the community in their attempts to find Jackie, and latterly to mourn her loss. Although I so wish it had not come to this, I do believe that Jackie's death has not been in vain. I did not know her, never got to meet her, never saw the joy in life that she so clearly expressed. But she was obviously a star in life, and in death she leaves an important legacy. Margaret Mead, the renowned cultural anthropologist, made a famous comment:

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'

Those who gave their time and efforts to find Jackie during the critical days are part of this group; those who are now alert to the possible dangers risked by young women since Jackie disappeared are part of this group; Dave and Cara, by being such exemplary, inspiring and thoughtful parents, are part of this group. Jackie, who lived her life with such grace and care, is part of this group; Jackie's sisters, friends and relatives are part of this group; I salute all of you.

I wasn't there, though my sister joined the search. I don't know the Hartman family, except through this tragedy. But I must salute the people who helped, the courage and tenacity of the Hartmans, and the grace of Jackie, all of which will ensure that this desperately sad end to a young woman's well-lived life will not, as it were, be the end. She has left a wonderful legacy - of joy and spirit. She united a community. When people say a death was not in vain, it often seems an empty phrase. In this case, I believe it to be true.
Again, I send my thoughts to the family. Your courage and decency are extraordinary but, on reflection, they only serve to prove the strength of your devotion to your family - thick and thin, you have shown such strengths.

I do wish the circumstances had been different. However, I do believe also that Jackie's death has created a change in people's outlooks, near and far. Perhaps we will all stop and take time to think and thank and be still for a moment - in memory of Jackie, and in celebration of the life and youth she represented, and in gratitude for the unity she brought to a wonderful community down there in AZ, USA.

My thoughts and thanks and, again, my sympathy,

Jane Elstone (Vancouver, Canada)

Anonymous said...

To the Hartman family,
I hesitate to write but the encouraging words from David’s message on March 19th inspired me to send a message. I went ATVing in the Sycamore Creek area again this Sunday. I saw a large cross with Jackie’s name on it. Attached was a message asking for the cross to be placed in the correct location by those who know where the correct location is. I don’t have the ability to move a large cross like that 3/10 of a mile to the West. That is where it needs to go.

Using magnetic north as a reference:
Its current location is: 33degrees, 39 min 49 sec N and 111 degrees 35 min 45 sec W.
It needs to go to: 33 degrees 39 min 48 sec N and 111 degrees 36 min 2 sec W.

You see I frequent that riding area two to four times a month. I know it reasonably well. I was also riding on Sunday, February 18th. Shortly after I started, my plans for the day suddenly changed. I made the call to 911 that morning. I paused briefly before I dialed the number. I thought about the family and how this would affect them. It would have a big impact on all involved.

I cried almost every night for the next week. I thought about Jackie, her friends and family. The emotion that everyone experienced during the time she was missing must have been incredible. It’s amazing how someone I didn’t know could touch me so deeply.

I fully understand why God chose to not have a friend or family member make the discovery. What I don’t understand is why I was chosen. It is said that everything happens for a reason. Clearly this is about Jackie but I have to wonder about my role.

My heart goes out the Hartman family. I hope the events of February 18 brought closure to friends and family of Jackie.

Yesterday I stopped at the location where I found her. I told her about the cross and I told her that I’d do my best to get it placed where it needs to be.

God bless you all.

Dave & Cara said...

I can't describe how I felt when I read your posting. Thank you for taking the time. I didn't think I'd hear from you until the trial. I'm sorry you had to be the one to had to make this discovery.

I hope your heart feels the relief of her loved ones over the physical memory your eyes witnessed. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your feelings. I prayed and prayed for her to be found but begged that it wouldn't leave a scar on the one that had to be the one.

Was that part of your plan that Sunday morning to search for my Jackie? I would love to think that was part of your attention.

I'd love to hear from you one on one. If I can ask please be very careful not to release any facts about her condition that could jeapodize the case. My cell is (602) 818-0024

Katie Lake said...

Ever couple of days I come to Jackies web site/blog to see what has been posted. I am glad that the person that found Jackie was willing to share. I realize the details need to be saved for the procesution and I am not sure we could really handle the full truth. I still think of this quite often and the pain is less but it still feels so un real to me.I still have problems with the emotion of it all getting caught in my throat. I am curious about the place were Jackie was found and would like to make a trip there real soon. I hope that you will be able to move the cross and will want others to visit this place. I am especially curious since my daughter told me a story about being out in a golf cart during the search. She told me as she was driving around she kept talking to Jackie telling her that she needed to help them find her. The battery on the golf cart unexpectantly went dead and I always wondered if it Jackie was telling her something. I am curious to know how close she was to Jackie when it did break down. Please keep us posted on moving the cross and any other events that might come up. Take care and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Would like to place some flowers at the Cross, placed in the area where Jackie H. was found.I would like to know if the area can be reached by Two Wheel Drive Truck or would a 4 wheel drive vehicle be needed. Thank You, GOD BLESS THE HARTMAN FAMILY & ALL CONCERNED.

Marita Ong said...

Hi, I also want to say thank you to the person that found Jackie. As much as it hurts to know that she is not with us anymore, I am glad that we have started to have closure. Jackie is back home now. I haven't seen where she is placed but my husband did and said she is in her room. That is most fitting, it's where she was always the most comfortable. There is a ceramic white magnolia on her urn, which is also white and her Tiffany necklace is in front. It sounds very elegant and dignified.

Not a minute goes by that I am not thinking about my beautiful little niece. I miss her so much. She and her sisters are extemely important to me.

I want to thank the person that made the video of pictures of Jackie and her family. I watch it several times a week with a box of tissues next to me. My favorite pictures are the girls as babies and the pictures with the dolphins.
The video is so well made. Thank you so much for all the work you went through for my family. I read your post and I understand that it was emotional for you.

Thank you also to the people responsible for this blog spot. Like my brother baby said, it's therapeutic.

I remind everyone reading this to keep each other as safe as possible. We are here to do God's good work, Let's make Him proud.


Marita (Aunt Tita)

Randi Hartman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randi Hartman said...

I just want to send a big THANK YOU out to all those who helped my family and I when we needed it the most, this whole situation isn't easy for anyone, but the support group that this community has shown us has meant so much.

My dad and I were talking about Jackie this morning and he actually thanked ME. He thanked me for making the short life Jackie had, a Happy life. He said she was always happy when we were together, which was every moment possible, and the part that meant the most to me was when he said that Jackie looked up to me. It meant the world to me to hear my dad say those words! I cry when I think about it. My sister was my role model and I looked up to her, and envied everything about her, I have ever since we were little. Although I am her younger sister, I do know those words my dad spoke were true. I think we both looked up to each other equally. Jackie was my best friend, and I was the closest person in her life, and she was the closest person in mine. I am going to miss that everyday. I am going to miss her beautiful smile, and her high pitched girlie laugh, and the way she laughed about everything I did, no matter how dumb it was. It always made me happy to hear her laugh. She was the one person I felt 100% comfortable with, because we were so close.
I will Love and Miss her everyday for The Rest of my Life.

Thanks again to everyone!

Thank You Daddy!!


-Randi Hartman-

Courtney Bassett said...

I knew Jackie from all 4 years of high school and i lived in the same neighborhood as her. I really considered her a good friend of mine, and i think when the events all happened it seemed like a huge shock and i had a hard time realizing that this could all be so real.. i hated so much that i dont live in gilbert anymore, because i decided to go to the university in tucson, but i happened to be home that weekend, and i had to stay that monday because of an injury. when i got a call from one of our friends telling me to be on the look out, and listen for anything because she'd gone missing. I had a bad stomach ache for days and i couldnt stop crying because of everything she was telling me, and because none of it sat well with me at all. When i found out that jackie had gone on to heaven im not sure what i thought or felt, but i can still feel that feeling today. It was saddness for sure because i lost a friend, and because of how i lost her, but also, i was happy that she wasn't sufferering and she wasnt out there alone and she wasn't in any pain, and she was able to see the love that she'd brought to so many peoples lives!
I dont think one day has gone by that i dont think of her, its impossible not to! because she was so gorgeous and becasue i rememeber all our conversations and how much fun her and i had in study hall junior year, because there were only 5 people in the class, and her and i would just talk about everything!! she was so fun, and i know neither of us ever even liked missing that class, becasue we'd have something to tell eachother, or say to eachother! At the memorial service I think nthat was the first time it might have really Hit me hard, i knew she was gone and i knew she was somewhere better, but to see the beauty that the service held just made me think of so much. I miss her a lot everyday and i still ask god everytime i think of her how long it'll be until we all feel like were better. Whenever i come home, i drive by her street and i have to hold back crying, just becasue it makes me realize how much shes really missed.
I have seen so much through all of this though, and i have seen it change people, and change them for the better, a good friend of mine has begun to turn to god for problems rather then some of the other things that werent good for her than she used to turn to. I have learned to turn to god, and i have learned that everything that happens, no matter what it may be or what it may feel like is pre planned and there is always a purpose.

Jackie you were so Loved,
And i continue to pray for your families strength, every single day. You were a daughter a sister and a wonderful friend and you will always be rememebered.
I miss you
Courtney Bassett

Anonymous said...

Ellis David, Dear, Mr & Mrs.Hartman Family I have made a few post and identified myself,as Ellis, I advised you to feel free to contact me if I could ever be of any assistance to your family in regard to the loss of your Daughter Im sorry,I provided you with the wrong e-mail address. My correct e-mail address is SAVERKIDZZ@AIM.COM Take care and GOD BLESS ALL YOU WONDERFUL FOLKS.

Kathy Lumer said...

The Hartmans were our neighbors in Mesa before they moved "out into the country." My son and daughter grew up with Jackie and Randi and were around to see baby Brianna grow into a little girl who loved her big sisters, and who was loved and cared for by them. The kids loved to play all sorts of make-believe games, especially school, and Jackie was always the teacher. Always.

I was always amazed that Jackie and Randi were so close -- I imagined that once they got a bit older they would naturally grow apart a bit, but they never did. Remembering Jackie, I love that she loved her little sisters so much and made decisions based on her heart.

In my mind, that's what she was doing the nite she went out; she was trying to help someone, trying to do the right thing, never imagining that not all people are like her.

Dave and Cara, you have walked through all of this with such grace and courage. And humor. I loved that there was always humor, smiles, laughs and hugs.

Calling the family, I always feel like I'm bothering so I'm letting you know that Marisa and I are always here, for a visit, for a call, for whatever you need. We love all of you and are grateful that your family is in our hearts and in our lives.

Suzanne Dinkel said...

I am Suzanne Dinkel and I am Jackie's Aunt. I am Cara's brother Terry's wife. Tears run down my face as I have read the other posts here. Tita, you are so right to posts those warnings and preventive measures. That was an awesome thing to do. I was unable to come and physically search, so I used the phone and talked to as many folks as I could and got folks to come out and help search for Jackie. I want to thank each and every person who showed up to help at my request. You all know who you are. I also would like to thank whomever called and reported Jackie's clothes in the dumpster. That is the one hero who made everything come to the attention of the police or this monster may have gotten away with this aweful tradgedy. I also find it so very touching the way that this family pulled together. I had not ever met any of Davids family until this happend. Wow, what a wonderful bunch of folks they are, and Davids best friend Dan also- and I am so glad to know them now as I do. I have really missed talking to my husbands family too. I have learned not to take it for granted that they will always be there so now I try to make an extra effort to keep in touch with everyone. I wear my pink band everyday. I think about Jackie and our family everyday. I pray everyday for a closer relationship with family to share more and more often because I love them all so very much. I pray and hope that we get the legal and justice system fixed soon so that things like this dont happen anymore and peace on earth comes to be. Please do what you can to move the legislation through to change laws and create laws that will stop criminals from harming others and walking around lureing our kids into bad situations. Do all that you can! All my love and wishes for peace. -Suzanne Dinkel

Anonymous said...

Randi, I'll just call myself Gk. I think you know my sister and brother in law Jeff & Donna. I am 39 and I look up to you. I took the wrong road. I took the road that led Me to a place I should have never gone. I remember my poor Mother asking me if it was my sister. I kept trying to talk but the words would not come out. It was July 1995. We will never forget Jackie. Please for me and everyone stay strong never think if Only. Jackie can see us all and she is so proud of You and your whole family. STAY STRONG for your Parents and Siblings. Look 4 my book soon it will be called (My Shattered Life). If I can only save 1 person from taking MY path my job is done. I didn't know your Sissy. But this hit me like A ton of Bricks and I loose a lot of sleep.

Anonymous said...

Or Maybe help me finish we can change it to OUR SHATTERED LIVES, Let the public know we wont let any more of our loved ones get taken without a Fight. Sorry I get hot under the collar.

Anonymous said...

Death penalty sought in teen's killing
Adrian Barrera
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 9, 2007 12:08 PM

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced today that he's seeking the death penalty against Jonathan Ian Burns, who was charged with the murder of a 19-year-old Gilbert nursing student.

Burns was charged with first-degree murder, sexual assault and kidnapping and misconduct involving weapons, according to a news release.

Burns was arrested Jan. 29, the day after Jacquelan "Jackie" Hartman was last seen with him on a first date.
Police found Hartman's torn clothing with bullet-like holes in a dumpster near Burns' residence. Authorities found Hartman's body Feb. 19 in a remote area near Arizona 87.

The review panel that examines capital offense cases for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office concluded that Burns' case allows the state to seek the death penalty against him because Burns was previously convicted of serious offenses and allegedly committed serious offenses. Burns' alleged offenses were committed in a cruel, depraved and heinous manner.

Anonymous said...

If there can be anything remotely positive from this horrific event is learning how to be a better father to my children by spending more time enjoying them as they grow up. I have been a workaholic for years and now that my kids are teenages I look back and feel sad that I missed so much of them growing up, as I could have spent more time with them. Everyone says to cherrish the time with your children because they grow up so fast, but you always have to learn from your own mistakes. The love and wonderful family connection the Hartmans have is very special; and even though Dave works a lot, he always took time to make memories with special family vacations every year. I will follow this wonderful example and make sure we too have special family time together and make memories. No one remembers what they got for their 10th birthday, but I bet if they went to Disneyland when they were 10, they would remeber that! Thanks for being such a special family, I am proud to know you.

paul dean said...

I left for a new consulting assignment just a few days following the memorial services and I have only been home to Phoenix for a few short days since then. However, I have been to this blog almost every day to read the posts and I am amazed each and every time I visit.

I saw the post earlier this week from Aunt Tita and I realize that what I was able to contribute has given people something to remember and reflect on during the times, perhaps, when they need it the most. I lost my sister nine years ago, and there are still days when I come home, lock myself in the office, and watch the video I made for her and cry just the same. When I am done, I wipe away the tears, put the video away, say a few words to her above and continue on my way. So the next time Aunt Tita needs a good cry, you call us and we will all sit and watch and cry together.

However, what I have come to realize is that this situation is so much different, in so many ways, that it’s hard to comprehend. Jackie has touched the lives of so many people, even total strangers like me, and has shown us that every person in her family is a beautiful and wonderful soul. Her spirit continues “teaching” all of us that life is incredibly precious.

I’ve been working in California since then, and earlier this evening I drove down to the beach to watch the sunset. I was sitting in my car, staring off across the ocean, when the song from the video came on the radio.

There’s a line in the very last song from the video that repeats over and over throughout the chorus. It says “Amen, I’m Alive.” And that’s when it hit me… Jackie is out there, doing everything she ever dreamed of, and in the process, without most of us even realizing it, teaching each of us how to do the same…

Just to find you, we would search forever.
Just to hear you, we would laugh together.
Just knowing you has made all of us better.
For true beauty never ends; not here, not now, not ever.

marita ong said...

Hi. I have been thinking about all of this and I came up with some pondering questions that I would like to put out there so maybe we can brainstorm.

Ok, follow along. A person that goes to jail and then prison for a DUI will lose their driver’s license for a period of time. A person goes to jail then prison for a violent crime, commits more violent crimes while in prison and upon release is reissued their driver’s license? Is this how the system works? We allow violent criminals privileges and freedoms that make it possible to commit more crimes, even murder? I realize that the situation that brought this to mind involved an illegal gun and it is possible that the bad guy would have driven with no license regardless of law. But let us consider how Jackie and the monster met, while pumping gas. Also, the monster owned 2 vehicles according to Dave. How could he own and register a vehicle unless he had a valid driver’s license? Can we find out if he did and if the vehicles were registered legally and in his name? My point being, how can we prevent this horror from happening again to another young person if the law is not helping? Am I making sense?

In addition, when a violent criminal is about to be released into an unsuspecting society, such as our own community, shouldn’t that “person” be evaluated and tested to determine if they may be a sociopath or mentally unbalanced? Isn’t there any way to protect innocent people from becoming a victim?

Was Jackie a sacrifice to make parents and young people more aware of the ugliness in the world, that bad thing can happen anywhere, even in family inhabited places like Gilbert, Arizona? Was she chosen because she comes from such a good family? In this way, her tragedy became known to so many people and became personal for them because an entire community could relate to a hurting family.

Was what happened to Jackie the answer to someone’s prayer to make society aware of the violence and senselessness in our community? Was it to bring us closer to our own families or to unite the Valley? Was it someone’s prayer that people recall the horror of 911 and how it brought this country and parts of the world together to make us appreciate what we had been taking for granted?

I have already posted my warnings earlier on this blog. I still stand behind them. What else can we do to keep each other safe from more bad guys? Should we go to the media and post warnings to a larger group of people? Would Oprah help us again? Am I being too concerned for other families because I want us all to be more careful? As I see it, it is now OUR responsibility to do what we can to prevent this happening again. The bad guys in this world don’t have all the power. With some knowledge we can stand a chance to keep the devil way down it the hole.

Marita Ong

Anonymous said...

Dear, Marita Ong, Everything you said in the above post is true, and I agree with you 100%. It's true that criminals are incarcerated into jails and prisons for some real bad things thay do to other people. In a few years thay are released by liberals, based on time served regardless of there prior attitude and during there release, being allowed to return to the streets to kill again. THIS IS WHY OUR GOVERNMENT CALLS IT-((THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM))) The criminal justice system needs to be changed. After a series of serious crime have been commited by one or several persons, All' of a sudden, our Judical system knows that (We The People) THE VOTERS AND TAX PAYERS are upset. So, now the attorneys and judges are saying, Aaaa! we gotta do something about this. Later as the public cools off, the criminal justise system is back in full swing by releasing more bad guys to the streets. It's my openion that criminals who are deranged need to be kept in prisons or, we need to start placing them inside the old state hospital for the rest of there short life. It's again, my openion and a fact, something needs to be done with the (Arizona Parole Borad system) all prison institutions. FIRST OF ALL! I think the menbers on (Parole Boards) are all Liberals and being a Liberal is a (Mental Disorder). Otherwise Bastard! J. Burns, would have never been released from prison, for time served, based on his prior conduct alone. Therefore Miss. Jackie Hartman, would still be with us today. GOD BLESS HER! and the Hartman family and friends.

marita said...

This is a post from another area of this blog. I don't know who this person is but please read the words.

Anonymous said...
The reason Jonathan was put in prison several years ago is because I was his victim twice. How I wish the judge had listened to me when I told him to lock him up & throw away the key. Because of threats he made against my life I tracked his release date & took measures to protect myself when I knew he was out. Now I wish he had come after me instead of this beautiful young woman that had a whole life ahead of her. To her family, all I can say is peace be with you. Jackie is now with her angels & will be with you always.

February 22, 2007 7:50 AM

J.P. said...

Aunt Marita,

You make a wonderful point. So I thought I'd bring forward my thoughts.
For a while the blog was speaking of “Jackie Law”. A way to do background checks on your daughter/son's date. Which could be hard to do with laws that protect not only criminals and good folk’s identity & security.

So here are my thoughts for Jackie's Law.
Any criminal that has been convicted of a felony or has served time for an offense of harm to another person, and they are released on probation and have to see a probation officer.

Why is there not a law that this persons car, house, apartment is legally warranted to be searched on a random basis? Meaning while they are on probation and for the first year or two they are not hit for random drug screening & the searches as I stated above. Even
if he/she is living in someone’s home or has roommates they make the choice to live with the person so they should have nothing to hide. Otherwise the person can live else where.

My reasoning is that chances are they are going to find something! These people are not that organized and slip up. It would also work for sexual offenders since they go back to there old ways and will have porno graphic material on there computers, ECT.

If Jonathan home would have been searched the 5-6 months between the time he was out and on probation. They may have found guns, computer info, drugs, evidence to other crimes, ECT.
Along with his home, his car and anything he owns should be subject to search. Then they could have found a gun and who knows what else and his ass would have been back in jail. The board would have reviewed his actions upon release and see that he is not fit to remain in society.

I think that while you are on probation, you are in transition to see if you can change your life, and it is up to a probation officer, search warrant, drug testing ECT. to see if you are complying to these standards.

Just an idea and some of my own thoughts.


Nicole Rach said...

To the Hartman family--

I never knew Jackie.

My father works with Dave.

As soon as we heard the horrible news, I knew that we had to help.

We helped search for her in the desert...I went one day, my dad took my quad so that he could cover more ground on the second day.

My dad was always talking about what a great guy Dave was, and as soon as I met him, I knew he was right.

Everyone in the Hartman family that I had the honor of meeting that day was so kind and wonderful.

I wish circustances were different and I had the oppurtunity to meet Jackie as well. She seemed like she took after her Dad in the personality department :)

My prayers go to the entire Hartman family. I really feel that this message is insufficient to express my grief and sorrow.

Such a beautiful, wonderful life was lost in such a tragic way.

God bless all of you.

Nicole Rach

Dayna Miller said...

Today the Maricopa Police Department contacted me regarding something that happened during the search for Jackie. I am with the Southern Arizona Rescue Assoication and I helped search for Jackie. During my time searching I had some contact with other departments that helped me with my search.
The detective is looking to contact 2 young women who said they had contact with Jonathan Burns when their quad broke down in the Sycamore Creek area right before Jackie went missing. The young women said that they had received a ride from Burns and were speaking of this during the search.
I gave them Gary and Kelly's number as this is the only numbers that I have. I did not know if they had contact with these two young women.
If "anymone" knows anything about this please contact the Maricopa Police Department immediatley!!!

David Hartman said...

In response to Dayna :


Please be very skeptical about these type of inquiries. Do not answer any questions like these over the phone. We must always see credentials. We do not know who may be asking these questions and what their intentions are. There is no entity as Maricopa Police Department. Maricopa (city of) is serviced by Pinal county Sheriff's Department.

If in doubt, please refer them to me. I'm easy to reach.

We are now in Critical Path in terms of saying or doing something that may hinder prodeedings. Believe me, I'm sure all my friends have nothing but the most honorable intentions, but others reading these blogs may not.

Please don't mis-understand me, I can't speak enough about what everyone did for us. I can't imagine what this would have like without you all. I simply need to re-emphasize our responsibility to using good judgement with this case and in our daily lifes. If we've learned anything through this - Don't take anything or anybody for granted.

I love you all and please continue to share your feelings with us all.

Dayna Miller said...

I couldn't give him any answers to any of the questions they asked me. I referred them to the only contacts I had available and that was Gary and Kelly. I have been in contact with Kelly and he knows what is going on.
They received my number through another agency that was helping in the search for your daughter. I dont feel comfortable giving that name out in this blog.
I hope I did not mislead you or anyone else. I was only trying to help.

marita ong said...

In response to what JP said; I like your idea about the random searches of criminals on probation. It sounds like a good idea and may help prevent more crimes against innocent people. As we all know, the monster that raped, murdered and left my neice to rot certainly needed to be searched.

We are a large community, Phoenix, Arizona. What can we do as such a large group to get some changes in the law? We have to protect our families.

I invite anyone reading this blog to brainstorm your ideas. Let's get mad and do something!

Mr. Ellis David, said...

In regards to a (((Jackies Law))) I strongly feel that, when anyone who has been released from any prison institution for what ever reason, and while on probation. He, or She, or It,? Should be required by the courts to wear some kind if identification around there neck or on there person in plain view of the public eye, that indicates to the General Public, this person is a known offender of some type and is on probation. This identification shall only be removed by the probation officers or courts. If the offender removes it himself or is out of a certain area/ in a prohibited area/ or being exposed to drugs or alcohol than, an electronic actuating unit alarm signal will be sent to the police or probation department. Note: Thank about it! ( We have On-Star dont we!) An Idea by Mr. Ellis David,( 4/22/07 1841h) I feel this would greatly enhance the quality of safety and protection of all citizenry. Everyone of us, need to contact our respected area Congressman and voice or write our concerns for (((Jackies Law))) GOD BLESS THE HARTMAN, Family. E.David,

Dayna Miller said...

I want to say "Thank You" to the Hartman Family for the plaugue you sent to me. It was absolutely beautiful and I will cherish it forever.
Thank you for helping me to understand what transpired during the search, it helps my own frusteration in dealing with the matter myself.
I hope that we can all work together and make something happen that will benefit others. I believe that something should be done to keep other unsuspecting young women from having the same fate as Jackie. As a single woman myself, I would feel better if I could know who it is that I am dating or associating with.
They have websites available for the public to warn them of who is living in the vacinity of their home that are child molestors. Why not have a website available that would cross match a name and photo of the convicted felon to the felony charge. There is much work and thoughts that need to be done, so if anyone needs my help let me know.

Ellis David, said...

For your, Health/Safety and Welfare. If you meet someone whome you have taken an interest in. Provide a police officer with a Lic.Plate number and name if, possible? Inform the officer that you understand that he, or she, cannot disclose detailes to you about the person. However, the officer can inform you if it would be wise not to continue assoicateing with that person. This way you will have a good idea of how to further protect yourself. While Im here, I ask that everyone who reads this Blog thing, Please take time to talk to your children regardless of there age as, we are all kid's at heart. Explain to them the dangers out there, and that we live in a different world today. You can never be too carefull. Thank You all, and GOD BLESS P/S For the Ladies,when your driving around your town at night wear a baseball cap this will provide you some protection and discourage the wrong people from getting any stupid ideas. ((( Dont worry about hat hair))) Thanks, a friend.

Anonymous said...

E. David, Dear, Mr. Mrs. Hartman and family and friends, I hope all of you are holding strong. Here is a website i want to pass on to you that, i feel will be of great help to all of you. This website ( WWW.FAMILY WATCHDOG.US ) will allow you to check the chriminal history of people your are not sure of. Please pass it along to all of your friends. Please forgive me, if my previous post has offended you in any way as sometimes i dont always express myself as i should. Take care and GOD BLESS Mr. E.David,

David Hartman said...

I wanted to thank everyone that particiapted in the first annual Jackie Hartman Memorial Golf Tournament. Although I don't have the official count, we had over 80 golfers come out. Although I'm only a casual golfer, I really enjoyed the experience and was very impressed with the organization of the event. I've heard some very great comments about the manner this was put together.

I like to express my sincerest gratitude to a few people that put this together in such a reemarkable way. My fellow fire-fighter buddy Larry Ricker and his lovely wife Terri along with tireless effort by my 'ol friend Patti Loring. Patti, was the back-bone for the detail that went into this, from scheduling, soliciating sponsors, and advertising. i cxan't say enough about her and hubby Jim efforts. They made this event a fun time as well. Probably the funnest golf tournament I've been part of.

I can't wait for next year. Thanks again to everyone that participated and contributed to the success. I can't say enough how proud I am of this community.

Anonymous said...

Just stop by to say were thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

A tribute to the Jackie Hartman, family and there many friends. When you come to the end of the day, a day you have spent with many of your friends,theres a feeling of sadness about you though otherwise you may pretend, You say so-long bye- bye, or something eles as like but,the parting has left an emptyness as you face the edge of night. All good things must come to an end, Thats what the wisemen say and your good thing has been my friends, the time you've spent today. So now this day is over and parting is sweet sorrow, May the Good Lord bless and keep all of you and may you share again tomorrow. (Remember: No Love, No Friendship can can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it, for ever.) GOD BLESS!

Anonymous said...

I live in Gilbert and I am so sad to hear how Jackie's life was brought to a tragic end. My husbands cousin participated in search efforts as she works for the Forest Service.

The suspect that killed her, Jonathan Burns, is a scumbag in the worst way. He had an extensive criminal record and on the website, you will see his 5 years in prison was full of severe disciplinary infractions. It appears he actually got his original sentence extended by a few months.

I would advise EVERYONE to do some snooping on the internet about the poeple your loved ones get involved with. case history is a good place to start and all you need is someones name to search the criminal files. is also a good place to look, over to the right you will see public access. Most people that have been convicted of a crime will be on this website.

Hopefully we can use Jackie's tragic death as a learning experience that you can NEVER be too careful about the people your loved ones get involved with.

I will be watchinng his trial with interest, and hope that he gets the death penalty.

marita ong said...

Hi. On Thursday, May 24th I watched Randi graduate from High School just as I watched her sister Jackie graduate from the same school on the same field one year ago. Randi was beautiful in her cap and gown. My daughter Beth got a great picture of Randi walking on to the field. Dave, Cara, Beth and myself had walked as fast as we could to the other end of the field from where we were sitting so we could watch Randi enter with the other graduates. Cara had brought a drawing of Jackie and it had a seat of it's own on the bleachers. I keep getting choked up when I remember how Cara held that drawing as high in the air as she could while Randi was walking back to her seat after receiving her diploma. And I have to say that when we heard her name called, I am quite sure that our whooping and hollering was as loud or louder that any of the other proud families. We has many family and friends there to see our Randi on one of the most memerable nights of her life.

After the graduation ceremony we went out for a late dinner. Randi wes just beautiful in her new dress. I enjoyed watching her schmooze the room, hugging everyone and and smiling her amazing smile. Her little sister, Brianna couldn't have been more happy for her big sister. Bree's gift to Randi was very nice. A silver heart shaped box full of earrings. Bree even had it engraved with Randi's and her names.

I watched Randi as she opened a card that was signed by her mother as proxy from Jackie. When Jackie graduated last year, Randi's gift to her was every penny of her paycheck. I remember how Jackie got chocked up when she opened it.
With that as an example, Jackie's gift to Randi was every penny of her final paycheck from her job at Banner Baywood Hospital. Randi was speechless as she held back tears.

We are all so proud of Randi's accomplishment. I am proud of her and her parents and little sister.
With all that they have been through, Randi's graduation night was very special for all of us.

be safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the above post. What a truly amazing family!

Congrats Randi, know that the brightest angel in the whole room was with you that night.

Anonymous said...

A good tip for all young Ladies and Men to remember. In an emergency as Jackie found herself confronted with please carry some good mase. If (anything) always remember when you first become aware that a relation ship is not going right and you feel your being forced to go someplace that you don't want to be at. Take a index finger or thumb and stab hard and as deep as possible into the Larnex area of your assailents throat. He will sustain such a bad feeling that it should take his retarded ass mind off of further tring to hurt you. Get away and run like hell or finish knocking the person out! Take the vehicle and leave the sucker until you can send help for the bastard. Always be careful, and GOD BLESS.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I spelled MACE wrong... It is MACE......

Anonymous said...

Oh Yea! Randi, Congrats on your Graduation your family must be extreemly proud of you. Take good care always. From a person who helped search for your angel sister.

Pete and Lori Lyle said...

My husband Pete and I contributed by helping with the search for Jackie. We think of Dave and the Hartman family often. The strength of the Hartman family is truly inspiring!!
Pete and Lori Lyle
Our thoughts are with you!!

Anonymous said...

What's going on? Why are people hurting our kids? There is too much bad news, more bad than good and for every "story" of another abduction is another family that is suffering. Why is the world going haywire? What can we do to change things?

David Hartman said...

Yesterday it was 5 month sinse we lost Jackie. There is not a single minute I do not still think about her. It is still so hard to imagine I will never see that smile or laugh along with her laugh (which was nearly impossible not to). On that note, I like to share a little story from a few nights ago. I was about ready to go to bed when I hear Bree down stairs start cracking up over one of her kids shows. Hearing that really brought me back to Jackie. Jackie room is right across from my room. Jackie loved to watch the 10:30 showing of "who's line is it anyway". That show just busted Jackie up, Cara & I often lied in bed and laugh along with her, just hearing her cackle. She had no idea we enjoyed that so much. Memories like these come to mind more and more frequently. Often Randi & I sit and reflect about how Jackie would have reacted to something we are doing now. We really enjoy those moments, sure it brings sorrow, but for some reason it feels so pure carrying those memories with us. Randi even put a new twist on a catch phrase WWJD. What Would Jackie Do? Just like if Jackie did something dingy, which was very frequent, her reaction is cover one hand over her eyes as if to hide for a moment. WWJD!

Switching gears a bit. I hope I can express this exactly how I feel. As the time passed on, many may think that the so many thoughtful things that everyone did for us would diminish in our minds. I really want to express to each and every person that assisted and prayed that I still feel like the luckiest man alive to have such a great group of people to call friends that could ever be imagined. During the searches, people gave me praise for my strength. This credit belongs you! It was everyone that was there to keep me strong, and trust me it was nothing short of incrediable.

Thank you. I appologize for getting sappy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hartman, and family, Thank You for the kind words and your considerations in your last post. Many people are still on stand by for all of you, should you folks ever need someone to listen, and to help you out in any way. Take care and GOD BLESS Mr. David,

Anonymous said...

Dave, thank you for expressing your thoughts. I think about Jackie often. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her. It is strange I suppose, that a person that I never met has impacted my life. I look at life differently now. She continues to affect people positively. Thank your sharing your stories. It helps remind me to appreciate every minute, don't take life for granted, and realize that those in your life are there for a reason. We are there for you and your family, through the next day, the next week and through the years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Several weeks ago, I attempted to drive to the area where Jackie was found to put flowers at the cross in honor of her and the Hartman, family. Several ATC vehicles threw sand and rocks on my vehicle as thay cut in front of me while passing at a fast rate of speed. My vehicle front window and paint was damaged. I did the right thing for the young men and myself, I left the area. I hope the next time I return, folks will be more considerate and respectful. Until than I ask that others who visit the area to place flowers and say a prayer for Jackie and the family, to please be careful.

Katie Lake said...

No, Jackie has not been forgotten. I was visiting with my granddaugher, Monica, this weekend and she was showing me pictures of her new boyfriend that she had on her digital camera. When we had scrolled though all the new pictures it started back at the first picture on her camera and there was Jackie. I asked her why that was still in her camera and she told me that she never takes it out. It is the picture of jackie taken just hours before her death. Later,she was showing me something on "My Space" and right at the top, there is Jackie. Jackie was so very important to Monica and I just want to remind everyone of that. I also want to let family and friends know that she is thought of often by many. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 6 months now that she has been done. Take care, all of you and be safe.

Ellis David, said...

This is in regards to what Marita said on March 23,2007. Most may recall, that Miss Marita reminded us all, that Bad people are out after midnight. This is very true. I work un-armed during the dark hours from sunset until sun-up and travel to different areas on Carefree Hwy. to New River and areas near Lake Pleasent and sometimes in the east valley. My job is different from that of a police officer however, prior law enforcement experience and being street wise has greatly enhanced my survival ability. Iam often during the night time hours, confronted by street people who are on drugs and need money for there fix of what ever drug there on, most will try anything to get it. I also, have my times with gangs and there members. I have come across kid's of an adult age, who are packing guns/and other weapons on there persons most of them seem to be on a mission but, you never know just what there mission is. My point is the streets are not in anyway safe at night, Many people know that already but,it dosen't hurt to be reminded. So, even if your with a good male companion at night, who you trust and you need to stop for gas or something to eat. Please watch your back at all times and try to let someone know where your at. Take some time and make a good observation of any facility first befor you pull into the parking lot for anything. I have taken it upon myself many times over the past several years, to take a few seconds to set by in a parking lot without the elderly knowing it, while thay gassed up there vehicle, because of my observations of the dangers to them already present. The same has occured with many young men and women who are together and appear to trust each other. I know that I have detered many times,the possibilties of harm to another person or persons. So! Please everyone out there, I know I could go on and on with this and I don't even know who Im talking to. But, please do yourself a favor and advise all of your family members not to go out at night alone unless it is an emergency, make sure you have someone with you or a way to defend yourself should you run into trouble. The best way that I can suggest for you to advoid a problem is to stay home at night unless, your with family or someone you can trust. DRIVE SAFE AND BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. Thank you for your time.

marita ong said...

Hi. Today is the 6 month anniversary of the last day Jackie was with us. I've been thinking about her all day (as usual). I have been thinking about what my family has experienced in only six months. There has been media stories here and there as things unfold. All of it makes me sad.

I was reading the story from last week from the police report of the bad guy. In it there was mention of how he flattered Jackie at every opportunity. I remind everyone to beware of pushy, charasmatic, charming people. They most likely have something up their sleeves. Be on guard as much as possible and watch out for each other please.


David Hartman said...

Its been a while since I posted a note. There is so much that I'd love to say, I think about Jackie every moment of every day. I love to reflect with others about her committment to do her very best at everything, about her love for others (her sisters more than anything), about her blonde moments, her sqeeky voice, How she carry a one syllable word like "dad" into three, that nothing short of amazing laugh, her elegance, her organization, the way she would randomly show her love to her sisters no matter where she was or who was watching,I can go on and on.

I am more and more amazed every day how many people's lifes were touched by Jackie's story. In my profession, I am fortunate to meet new people all the time. Rarely do I ever come across someone that wasn't aware of the case. My point here is a bit blurred in my own mind but I feel Jackie has taught us all a little bit about Love and Compassion. I truly feel she made this world little better. If you get a moment, re-read her biography, it really identifies what was important to her- her family. I'd love to take credit for her moral's but that was just who she was. That word "was" just doesn't sit well with me: she is and will always be in my heart.

It's been 6 month's and I really can't even say for sure if it has totally sunk in yet. I ask myself is natural? I ask myself now that I have this missing feeling, why do I feel loved? Is this the power of something higher or simply the love from the people around me? Whatever it is, I hope that others feel it as well. I hope we can build on this. It makes me think about the movie "Pay it Forward". Watch it if you haven't and watch it again if you have.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Those of you that still read these blogs religiously like I do, that speaks volumes about your character. Thank you for being there through it all.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you ramble on. Lets us all know your doing fine. Take care and GOD BLESS. Ellis David, I will watch the movie.

Anonymous said...

Ellis David, Phx, Forgot to say in last post, just so you know it was my honor on 7-30-07 at 9:30 AM. to drive to the Banner Baywood Hospital where Jackie worked, the people I talked to there are wonderful. I put 5 gallons of water on her pine tree for her and the family prior to leaving. I also, read the wonderful writting on her sandstone, said a prayer for her and all of you. At around 6:00 PM. it started raining at my residence and I told my wife that Jackie Hartman, is returning the water. Than I found out on the TV that Mesa, Az. received around 1.5 inches of rain in about 15 Min. She "really" loves you! Again, Take care and GOD BLESS Ellis

Anonymous said...

Hello David & Family

I am a man of understanding.
I wish to share a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. Each now moment is a gift
to choose and or figure out "Who you really are". Upon figuring out the only thing that really matters, we can then rightly understand all that occurs in this grand illusion. All other methods of philosophy or religion mean nothing if one does not know "who they are". Who are you really? Here's that poem....

"A mothers Song"

From whence have you come..
My girl of loves
pale blue softness...
Dazzling all with that panoramic smile...
Boundless as infinitudes dance...
The illusion of forever shines again...
Breaking glacial realities hold...
Calling you back to big mothers womb...
What is the purpose of this agony bestowed?...
The darkest clouds may not reveal...

They say you have gone...
But where could you go?..
"Spirit" cannot die, forever whole...
Despite these love salted waves...
We shall continue our cosmic embrace...
You and I always the one...
My girl soul, bodily free..
Still holding hands...
Walk with me...

Nameste' to all...
The divine in me greets the divine in you..

Anonymous said...

Dear, Man of devine understanding. I have for you, a Certificate good for ((( ONE FREE VISIT ))) to see Dr. Jack Kevorkian, MD.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my apology for my Aug.6,07, Un-appropriate coment in regards to the Man who tried to reflect his understanding. With all due respect, Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Mr./ Mrs. Hartman, and family. My Son and I visited the Sycamore Creek area today from 6:00 AM. until 2:00 PM. This is the first time that I have ever been on one of those "Quad Things" and right now I feel that I will be recovering from the long 8 Hr. ride for sometime.Ha! As we spent the day riding the heavy washed out areas of (Sycamore Creek) due to prior heavey rains. We experienced many moments of sorrow thinking of Jackie. We covered many areas looking for the cross that was related in a previous post, to have been placed in the area where Jackie was said, to have been found. I was unable to locate the Cross as it appeares to have been removed from the area, or washed over by flood waters and perhaps covered by sand. However, my Son and I placed flowers for all of you in the area that I felt Jackie was located in. Trust me,that many good words were said for Jackie and for all of you great folks. My Son and I hope that this will help the healing process for all of you. I understand what you have been going though. One person ask in a previous post ( I assume he was asking about ( The Ellis David, family? )He wanted to know who Iam? I can only reply by saying, I feel that my true actions speak highly about myself althow, perhapes not understood by many. Throughout my various roles of employment, I do not consider myself anybody special.I always, count my many Blessings and enjoy sharing them with others who need them. Again, Take care/ Watch after each other and stay safe everyone. Sincerely, Mr./Mrs. E. David, and family. ( Now for some much needed rest...)

marita ong said...

Dear Mr David,
Your kindness and compassion have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the kind words and prayers. I am glad that people are still keeping Jackie in their hearts, especially the community. It would be an injustice to her to forget.

Anonymous said...

Mr.E.David, Thank you Miss. Marita Ong, for your response. I'am pleased to be considered a part of your community even though,I live in the Deer Valley area of North Phoenix, So, I would like to say, what we really have here Miss. Marita Ong, is one HUGE COMMUNITY, in the name of ("THE STATE OF ARIZONA") who will always have Miss Jackie Hartman, along with her Family, Relatives and Friends, in our Hearts, our Thoughts, and our Prayers forever. I feel that Jackie is, and will continue to watch over all of us. With that being said, Again, Thank You, and May God Bless all. Mr.Ellis David, and family.

Anonymous said...

From Mr. Ellis David, Dear, Hartman, Family. With all due respect to all of you, I would like to make a request. If at all possible could you please send to me one of the Jackie Hartman, ARM BANDS? I feel positive, that it would have a great impact on the many young people of all ages, that I come in contact with on the streets during my nightly work hours. I will gladly re-fund the postage to you. Please mail to Deer Valley Unified School District #97 at 18400 North 51st Ave. Glendale, Arizona 85308 In care of Ellis David, (Night Security.) Thank You, Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

Ellis David, Thank you Mr.& Mrs. Hartman, for the armband. I wore it last night during work, as my vehicle pierced through the dark night air, at times it seemed that Jackie, in that squeekie voice that you've often discribed her to have, kept saying to me, (Slowdown Fool!) Again, Thank you and your family for the armband. You all can rest assured as i encounter the kid's and other people on the streets at night, I will put the armband to good use as a "Very Strong Safety Reminder" for them, in Honor of Jackie, and her family, Again, Thank you very much. Ellis & Family, E-mail

Chelsey K said...

i just thought i would share with you one of the many moments i had with jackie.

junior year, jackie, our friend marissa and I all had chemistry together. one day the teacher had us do an experiment that involved m&m's, and at the end of class were were allowed to eat the m&m's if we chose too, so the end of class comes, and since marissa and jackie knew how much of a junk fanatic i was, they let me eat the candy. so there i was munching on the m&ms while our teacher told us a few last things, and all of a sudden i swallowed an m&m whole and it went down the wrong there i was freaking out because i couldn't breathe. jackie turned around to tell me something and seeing the panicked look on my face said, "chelsey! are you okay?!, while at the same time i forced myself to cough, which luckily dislodged the m&m from my pipe(it didn't fly out of my mouth or anything). but anyways, as i started breathing in heavily jackie and marissa were both like "oh my gosh chelsey, are you okay, what happened!" so i tell them what happened and they both start laughing at me, and i said "guys! its not funny, what if i really had been choking?!" and jackie turns to me and says, "well then i would have saved you of course!".....

well, i just thought i would share that moment. i really do miss jackie, and not a day goes by that i don't miss her. jackie is now an inspiration to me, because like her, i am in school to become a nurse, and whenever i get down or think that something is too hard, i force myself to push harder, because i have the chance to finish, something jackie wasn't able to do...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ellis David, I work with a Great friend who is a professional welder. Joe, has built a 8 ft. iron cross at my request, at no cost. "In Honor of Miss. Jackie Hartman, and her loving family, realitives and friends." It is my intentions to paint and light the cross and erect it in the area where Jackie was found. To me,it just seems like the right,and honest thing to do for a Great American family who has lost a loved one. However Sad! but,today Monday 8-27-07 at 1:00 PM. I contacted our United States Forest Service recreation dept. at 480-610-3300 and spoke with a young man by the name of Jayson. I ask for Jayson,s assistance in regards to obtaining a permit in order to respectfully erect the cross in the Sycamore Creek area in Honor of Miss.Jackie Hartman, and the Hartman, family? It appeared that Jason "regreated" adviseing me, that our United States Forest Service does not issue permits for placing crosses on our forest lands, (as this is not allowed.) The Cross would be removed and disposed of by the U.S. forest service. So,this may have been what happend to the pervious cross that was said to have been placed in the area by other "Loving and most careing persons." I only hope and pray to GOD that there is never a law for being in possion of a CROSS (Made in America) by an American... However,i do intend to finish the cross so, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know, as i'll be around. May GOD BLESS! our((Great America, with Mercy!)) Sincerely, Mr.Ellis David, and family.

Anonymous said...

Ellis Folks! if i sounded a little HOT under the coller in my last post Iam Sorry about that. I just can't understand why the our Forest Service will allow old shot up and discarded automobiles/ Thrown away house hold refrigerators/ Broaken beer bottles and large amounts of trash to lay round on our forest land property, and then have the nerve to tell the good intended tax paying citizens, we are not allowed to place a cross in an area to honor a family loved one who become a victim of a tragedy. After all! the cross would be placed in a (Sandy Wash) and not too many Southeren Pacific Passenger Trains will be passing through the area for people to see the cross. "Aaa here i go again". I just don't know what to make of the forest service. Well folks i have some neat ideas and hope to add another post when iam finished doing what i need to do for all of you. So, till than take care and remember, you will never be alone as many people are pulling for all of ya. Ellis

DAD (like I sign my name) said...

I must say, I love your passion. You are a heck of good person. Some friends of mine have been working with ADOT to get mile post 215 of the Beeline Hwy (rt. 87) adopted in Jackie's honor. The has been some unfortunate delays, but have been given approval. This may be a great place to place this. It may be nice to plant some of the wild flower's that we given away at her services as well around the monument.

By the way, it is 7 month's today. It sure doesn't seam like it. I miss her so very much.

Ellis David, said...

Dear, Dad' first and formost let me say, Thank You! I picked up the cross this morning from work and it looks great! My buddy Joe did a real good job building it. I have to do some work on it, should have it ready in a few weeks, if not sooner. It will stand out so neat along the road at MP 215. A sign can be attached to the front, or it can stand alone and still look great. I would like to paint it what ever color Mrs.Cara would like it painted. ( We all know how that works when it comes to painting HUH!) Just let me know what color. I will be honord to meet you and the family at MP-215 and set the cross in place for you, unless the state needs to do that? I have Sat.& Sun. off from work so thats no problem. Yes' while i was driving up near the Carefree and New River areas last night between 10:45pm. and 2:30am. I realized it's been seven months. As I looked up at the eclips of the MOON at 2:50 am I thought about your daughter Jackie and about all that you must be going through. I ask the Good Lord to keep you/ Cara/ Randy/ and Bree strong and to not let you go over the edge. I have felt your pain and sorrow ever since i searched on my own for almost 16 hours stright, after i got off from work at 5AM. and headed toward payson. I searched and soon realised that your Jackie was not near the Sunflower Area. After catching some sleep in Payson, the next morning at 3:30 AM. I headed back down the hill. I covered much area from (Slate Creek at Mt. Org) to the Bush Hwy. Befor i gave out and realized that the weekend had gone somewhere and i had to return home for work on Monday. Every day along with everyone else Id pray that Jackie would be found and retuned home safe. Ok! my friends, i need to hit the old Marsh Mellow Patch as my eyes are getting kinda heavy. Take care have a good day. Again, Thanks to all... Ellis

Anonymous said...

Ellis you are one heck of a guy.
It will be so nice to have a place/memorial for Jackie. It will be nice to have somewhere to leave flowers or a card for her.
Hopefully I can go up and see it for her birthday in Oct.

Although I never post, my thoughts and prayers are always with you and I check your site all the time. God Bless

Ellis said...

To Anonymous of Aug,2007 @ 3:54pm Thank You, for the kind words and prayers. You should be able to visit the memorial befor October. I hope iam not that slow? Ofcourse my wife has started calling me SPEEDY lately for some reason? Hmmm Mabe she is telling me something??? Thanks again, and GOD BLESS...

Ellis said...

Folks, My wife has informed me that i need to clean up my act so, i hope that you understand' i have to do this over. Anonymous of Aug,28,2007 at 3:54PM. Thank you, for the kind words and prayers as i may need them later. It is my pleasure to perticipate in establishing a memorial in honor of Miss. Jackie Hartman, for you myself and all others, to visit in the very near future. Again, Thank you! and GOD BLESS!

Anonymous said...



Ellis said...

Thank You, Mrs. Hartman,

Marita Ong said...

I love you Cara.

Anonymous said...

i would like to thank you all as well for your help and kindness throughout this nightmare. it has not been easy, to say the least. i am doing my best to be strong and to live the life that my sister can no longer continue. i'm sure most of you know and have heard how close my sister and i were, and it is tremendously difficult to go on day to day without her by my side.thanks to everyone who is helping us get through.

i miss my sister
i miss my best friend

Jackie's Sister,

Randi Hartman

marita ong said...

My heart aches for you and your family. I wish I can take away the pain and make things as they were.Whenever I see a date that is prior to January 28, I wish to go back in time to that date.

I love you and your family so much it makes me cry. I am always available for you if you want to talk and I'm sure that Beth and Aunt Micky are also available.

Aunt Tita

Jeanette said...

Mrs. Hartman,

Your post brought me to tears, but at the same time in a strange way it was so good to hear from you.
What I would give to change that moment in time for you. There is no greater loss in this life. Your strength is nothing short of amazing.
I think about you often, and I know that must of taken everything you had to write.

Thank you,

P.S. Thank you Mr. Ellis - I was the one that wrote to you anonymous on Aug 28 3:54. Please post when the memorial has been placed, I can hardly wait to visit and be able to place flowers.

Anonymous said...

God Bless!

Ellis said...

Dear, Mrs. Jeanette, ( The 3:54 Lady ) I will try and make sure, you are the first to know when the Memorial has been placed. I have had trouble getting the paint to dry due, to the humidity. Im sure everyone will be proud of the Memorial when finished. Also, Mr. Hartman, and i want to make sure, it's located in a safe area along the highway. We cannot not allow any 3:54/s to become injured...... Thank You, and Take care. Ellis

3:54 Lady said...

Mr. Ellis,

Thank you!

God Bless You,
Mrs.3:54 Lady ;)

Elizabeth Hartman said...

I haven't written anything on here because I have been at loss for what to say. You all have made me speechless (and anyone who knows me can tell you that's almost impossible).

I want to thank you all for all of your support and love for my cousin and my family. You have given me hope for mankind. I can't thank all of you enough.


Ellis David, said...

Dear, Elizabeth Hartman, First of all Thank You. It has been my pleasure to be able to help your family out during these troubled times. I guess it is some of my ancestors Amish Ways, that are instilled in me, to do for others as much as possible during such tragedies. Again, Thanks, and GOD BLESS! Ellis David,

Ellis said...

Dear, Randi, In regard to your post of September 4, 2007. Thank you for your words of appreciation. Here is something that works for many and should work for You and little Sister, to help keep you strong and in the best of health. When you are ready to retire at night for sleep, take a few seconds to Turn Over all of your Troubles/ Problems/ Pain and Sorrows/ to (GOD), to hold for you....... Hay! I hear that GOD's up all night anyway. Take care, It will always be my pleasure to help you folks out in anyway i can. Thank You, again. Sincerly, Ellis

Anonymous said...

I just wanted Dave, Cara, Randi and Bree to know that you are all still in our thoughts and prayers. Everytime we drive up to Heber Jackie's name always comes into the conversation. We love you guys! KVW

marita ong said...

Hi. Today is September 11. I am remembering one year ago today. Jackie had always been sensitive to the events of that horrible day. For the first couple of anniversaries, she was unable to go to school. I called her last year to tell her I was thinking about her and that I know how she felt, I had to leave a message. She called me back a short time later. We talked a little and said "I love you" at the end of the conversation. I miss her.

Aunt Tita

Anonymous said...

For You:

Copy & Paste in Browser

Always thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hartman, try ( Ellis

Anonymous said...

There has been a sign erected in honor of Jackie at mile marker 215 on Highway 87. The sign reads "In Memory Of Jackie Hartman"
"In loving memory of Jackie Hartman" wouldn't have been large enough. Good Day

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous of September 20,2007 @ 6:09 PM. for your sign information. The Memorial that i have been working on for all of you, will say (In Loving Memory of Miss. Jackie Hartman,) in the center of the memorial. The Memorial is finished and due to my work days being changed for my safety, i need to find out where the Hartman, family would like to place it, or have it placed at. Northbound or Southbound on SR.87? Or perhaps at a different location that would better suit the family. This following weekend will be the best time for me to do this. Again, for all concerned it's been my pleasure. GOD BLESS! Ellis

Anonymous said...

May the good Lord Bless the Hartman family and keep them safe. Thank you Dave for your kindness, a Great reflection of your loving family. Sincerly, Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

Dear, Miss. ( 354 Lady ) I have met with Mr. Hartman, who now has the Memorial, I will wait to hear from him so i can help place it if my assistance is needed. THIS IS JUST SO YOU KNOW THAT I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT YOU. TAKE CARE, Ellis

Anonymous said...

354 Lady reporting.... ;)

Mr. Ellis,

Thank you I have been watching the site and waiting to hear. So thank you very much for updating me. I was hoping to get up there or where the memorial will be set, for her birthday. At least I will have a place to send her flowers. Hopefully it's and area that has a place to pull over or park? Either way it will be nice to see.

Thanks again for all you do. You are one caring man.

Take care of yourself,
Mrs. 354 Lady

You are all in my thoughts and prayers always.

carole(Daves sister in N.Y.) said...

Mr. Ellis , what a wonderful and caring person you are.To go so out of your way for complete strangers is just such an amazing, wonderful thing to do. I am a believer in what goes around comes around and you my dear sir have many good blessings coming your way.I wish this world had more men like you to set an example to all the young people looking for guidance, to many young people are just getting lost in society.I am a commissioner of football and cheerleading here in buffalo and I see so much with the kids and their parents it's sad to say that so many parents are really more interested in their own lives than their children. Again Mr. Ellis thank you. God bless you and your family

Ellis David, said...

Dear, Commissioner Miss. Carole Thank you for the kind words of appreication. Iam a little at a loss for words right now..But, Thank you! I do agree that the young people of today need a lot of help away from there everyday peer preasures. The State of Arizona now allows the BARS to remain open until 2:00 AM. It was bad enough for kid's when the Bars were allowed to remain open until 1:00 AM. So, during my work at night i see many kid's out on the streets until 3:30 AM. When thay should be at home. Many of them have a wonderful home and Great Parents and family. Seems to me, that peer preasure from gang members tries to stand in there way. Guess we will never have enough (Straight Jackets) to cure all the sickness in this world. Again, Thank you Miss. Carole for your kind words, Im pleased to have been able, to be of help for the Hartman, Family. GOD BLESS ALL Sincerly, Mr.Ellis David,& Family

Anonymous said...

One more thing i would like to say, I always try to help our young people out as much as possible, as i was in my younger times. Makes me feel real good when i can make a differance in the lives of other people in this world. Ellis

Anonymous said...

Is the website for Jackie Foundation as well? Or is that a diffrent site?

marita ong said...

October is Jackie's birthday month.
This isn't going to be easy to get through. I feel so sad.

Ellis David, said...

Dear Mrs. Marita Ong, I can assure you that Iam a (Good Stranger) I have never met anyone of the Hartman, family accept Mr. Hartman, a few weeks ago as i was honored to persent to Dave the memorial i had compleated for the family, in Honor of jackie. I know that your Jackie will be 20 years old soon. I just want to say, im sure Jackie would want all of you Great Folks, to hold your heads up high for her and be strong OK! Take care Mrs. Ong, and MAY GOD BLESS YOU Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

Hi i never knew you're daughter. I live far away in Canada and i wanted to say sorry for your loss. It will be okay. Jackie was a gorgeous girl with a lot to offer the world. Never let those memories of her go. May she rest in peace and may your family heal.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to get this thing to work??? TEST!~ TESTING TEST TEST TESTING! HUmmm

Anonymous said...

Ellis OK! mabe this will work again. Just want to say it was a great time along the highway. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Has the memorial been placed?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I hope many of you will visit Jackies Memorial and drop a card into Jackies Mailbox for her very Loving and Careing family. It's been my pleasure folks. Take good care of yourselves and GOD BLESS all of you. Sencerely, Mr. Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

I wish to remind everyone who visits Jackie's Memorial to watch the littleone's so, as not to fall over the ledge until soimetype of safety barrier can be installed for all. Thank you, Sincerely Ellis

Katie Lake said...

This Wesite was not working on October 15th when I tried to post a note so it is late but her is what I wanted to say.
Happy Birthday Jackie. We visited your hwy sign "In Memory of Jackie Hartman" at mile marker 215 on Sunday, Oct 14th, we left pink balloons and other decorations in memory of your 20th Birthday. We even ate cupcakes, with pink icing of course. We did a little bit of clean up on the highway too. We piled the trash bags into your dad's and Nicole's vehicles. We even brought home a Scorpion which was later seen in Nicoles car but never found again and removed. (If anyone out there is in need of a ride you might want to avoid Nicole for awhile). Later we piled into four wheel drives and took a drive down Sycamore Creek and stood at the spot where your life was sensely ended. I silently said a prayer for you but mostly for those you left behind. This has been so hard on your friends and family but more so on your family. When I looked into their eyes I can see the pain that is still there. Just wanted to tell you that your were and are still loved and missed by many of us and that you have not been forgotten. I wish you could have been her to celebrate your 20th Birthday.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON Katie, i don't think any of us could have said that better. Ellis and family. Ellis

Anonymous said...

Just checking to see if this is still working. Kinda has a mind of it's own!

Anonymous said...

9 month's today. It still doesn't seem real. Jackie was a amazing girl. I think she would be proud that she made us all a little better people. The way this community can together was a honor to be part of.

God bless everyone reading this. If your reading this that means you still care. I love that.

Anonymous said...

xoxoxoxoxoxox for all!

Anonymous said...

This is True Evidence of the remarkable and Loving people on this earth. It is my pleasure to be able to Read about, Pray for and Help out a True American family and there friends of many who stick together during troubled times, as it should be for all who have lost a very close Loved One of such a Great Family. GOD BLESS Miss. Jackie Hartman, and all those she has left behind. Except in spirit. Ellis david,

Anonymous said...

Hi! Folks,I hope everyone is doing fine. I visited Jackies Memorial this morning at 4:00 Am. on way to Phx and left flowers for Jackie and all of you. Yesterday 11-4-07 while in route north for some extra work, I stopped to visit the memorial and found some minor damage to the mailbox that had been pulled from the ground for some reason? I replaced it in the ground and turned the mailbox toward the valley area so the wend would not blow the top lid open, touched up the paint replaced the U.S.Flags and replaced the rocks around it, back in order. Hope many folks will stop visit it for you. I also, keep my fingers crossed that all of Jackies loved ones and friends will stay in the best of health. God Bless the Hartman Family Dave/Cara/Randi & Bree. Your friend always,Ellis

Anonymous said...

This is Ellis again, I know that this Blog is intended for remembering Miss.Jackie Hartman, and this in what i have been tring to help all of you with, even thow, i know you will never forget your Jackie. I have only learned about your jackie from what i have read in the media papers and listend to on TV. Iam sure she (is) a wonderful little lady. I have helped many families in the past The Tyler Corum, Family / The Havner, family, The Cox, family and many others. I even make it a point to stop along the highways during my work hours at night, to re-light a few candles and say a little prayer for those who i do not know, who found themselves victims of a traffic accident or another tragedy that has occured. Many times it appears to me, that the wind dosen't blow in Arizona and that ( The State Sucks ) which caused the candles to go out. It's always been my nature to try and help or do something in a safe way for other good people. Seems to me, this should be for all, the American Way.One more thing i need to say is, Iam very sorry to have overlooked all religious aspects to what i have done. Iam very sorry if i have offended anyone with my good intentions as, sometimes iam not too swift. So if i have? Too bad. Please wait until i bend over someday befor you kick me, and make sure you do it good. That too is an Ameican Way. Mercy! Take care, good people Ellis & Family.

Aunt Tita said...

Hi. I recently found out that there is a short video made available to the family. In it we see Jackie at 16 and Randi at 14. We can see Jackie being herself (shying away from the camera), goofing with Randi but best of all, we can hear and see her laugh.
I wish the video was longer but I'm very glad to have what we have. It's one thing to look at still life pictures and try to remember but it's special to watch someone that has been taken away from us. Her personality shines through, she is the Jackie we remember.
I miss her.

Anonymous said...

I don’t really know that right way to start this note… I have been following your family since the day my daughter, Emily, came home from school and told me that her friend, Brianna’s, sister was missing. At first when she told me, I thought maybe she took off with some friends, being a teenager. But as I continued to listen to the news and hear Emily speak of Jackie, I knew that is not what it was. I am not a religious person, but I spoke to a higher power each night that you would find Jackie- that she would come home. I have but one child, my daughter, Emily and I could not imagine what you must have been going through. My heart swelled with overwhelming sadness when I heard she was found, but the outcome was not that of which I prayed for. Often I check back on this site, and feel the power of love that each of you have, you’re family is nothing short of amazing. I recently saw Randy, at her job- and I felt like I knew her, like I know each of you… but I don’t- it is the strength that each of you portray that shines through. I didn’t say anything to Randy; I just didn’t know what to say. Last night, my daughter came home with a poem written by Brianna and an invitation to a festival you are having in Jackie’s honor- I want you each to know that not a day passes when we, as a community, as mothers and fathers, don’t think of you and the tragedy of your loss and the strength of your perseverance. You exemplify love and honor for your family. You should be proud of the parents and family that you are, and of the beautiful, wonderful daughters that you have raised. Your family is one that I will never forget.

Dad said...

Thank you o'so much for the kind note. You know, prior to this incident, I never considered myself a compassionate person, meaning I never knew what to say to someone going through something tragic so I avoided the subject, often even avoided the person. I sure grown and I owe it to this community. Trust me the words, gestures and emotions are unbelievably heart-warming.

I sure eveyone can come out on to the Festival in Feb. It will be a great day. More details to follow.

Ellis said...

Hello everyone, i just wanted to jump in here to let you all know that i haven't forgotton you and your loving Jackie. My family and i wish all of you wonderful people the very best of GODS Blessings, that you will all remain safe and healthy over the Holidays and many years to come. Hope to see you in person in Febuary at the Festival. Sincerely Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

I wrote a few months back. I just wanted to let the Hartman family know they are still in my prayers. I know it will be hard for you during the holidays. I invite everyone to check out a web site that my family created after my sister was murdered.
have a great holiday season and again
God Bless
Greg King

Anonymous said...

Mr.Greg King, I hope others will visit your family website as i have, i found it to be very informative,i think it's fantastic. Iam sure your sister Lisa is a wonderful person and is watching over her family 24/7 and understands how difficult it is for all concerned. May the Lord bless your family and all of us throughout the Holidays and for many years ahead. Sincerely, Mr.Ellis David,A Friend.

Aunt Tita said...

Hi. It has been almost exactly 1 year since the last time I saw Jackie. On December 22, 2006 I was at my mom's house for the last day of hanukkah. All 9 candles were lit on 2 menorahs. My sister Micky and I were in the kitchen cooking potato pancakes and matzo ball soup. (incedentally, I am the only member of the family that is Jewish, I converted 2 years ago). Jackie and Randi came in and I told them to go look at the candles, they are so pretty. I was wearing a pink t-shirt on purpose because I knew that Jackie would notice. She did, she said "you're wearing pink". I stayed in the kitchen with Micky. When the pancakes were ready, they were offered to everyone. Unfortunately, Jackie would not eat any because there was no ketchup. They stayed for a little while visiting with my daughter Beth and her friends. This by the way was the last time that Beth saw Jackie, too.

When Jackie and Randi decided it was time to go, they came into the kitchen and hugged Micky and me. The last thing that Jackie said to me was this "everytime we get together you always do the cooking, next time we should go out".

If it had not been the last time I saw her, I probably wouldn't remember it so well. I just wish I had left the kitchen and visited with my nieces while I had the chance.

I have that pink t-shirt in my closet and I think of it as Jackie's shirt. On December 22 I will were it and think of her all day.


Marita Ong

Dad said...

I love reading your messages. You are always so sincere with your thoughts. It sure seams so strange that Mom's house was also the last place I saw Jackie as well. For that matter, it was the last time Mom and Micky seen Jackie as well. Jackie & Randi came over that night because she was a bit upset about being stood-up and wanted to hang out with me.

The thing I remember most about that was Jackie was wearing some very tall slip on type shoes that made her as tall as me and that sure tickled her, in her attempt to be all grown up. I remember her joking with me that she is taller than me and then gave me wide, square smile that shows all them pearly whites.

But the thing that will always be implanted in my mind from that horrific night was the big hug and the way she said "I love you Daddy" in voice deflection that only Jackie can do. Those that truely knew jackie know exactly what I'm referring to. Jackie had the girlyist speech you could ever imagine.

Aunt Tita said...

Hi. I was just remembering something. Jackie had her own way of having someone repeat themselves.I was just now saying it to myself and I wanted to post it-"wait, what?"
For Randi it was "I don't get it". Both phrases had the same meaning.

carole said...

I want to wish to all that helped my brother david,cara and randi & bri this year a very happy new year. may it be filled with love , happiness and especially Peace. happy holidays to all.

Anonymous said...

I remember in October, when i first met Dave, we kinda exchanged a Big Old Hug with one another.My Hug to Dave was for all of you. Since being from the old school of thought'I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to all during these sad and troubled times. GOD Bless Ellis & Family

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Blog has been kinda quit lately. I just want to let all of you good folks know that I still care, and have all of you in my prayers. So, please take good care of yourselves. I hope to see you in Febuary if i can make it? (GOD BLESS ALL) Ellis

Anonymous said...

The first year is almost over. I heard that Jackie and another teen were the #5 news "story" in 2007. That is nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Your right!(Anonymous)it's nothing to pe proud of. It is sad what happened to jackie. I know it is very hard on many people, most of all the family. As I continue to wear the Pink Armband during my midnight work hours on the streets. I can assure you that it continues to make a strong difference. I was inside a convenance store located in the far North Valley when Two female Highshool Students observed me inside the store, trying to find the (GOOD COFFEE) while wearing a Pink Armband. One of the ladies replied ("You look good in Pink") I took a few steps back away from them with a smile as, I looked at my wrist I tried to explaied to them that it's not what you think! This armband is in honor of Miss. jackie Hartman, After a few seconds you should have seen the look on there face, as they recalled hearing about what happend to Jackie from TV and in the news paper reports. After receiving a Thank You! Both students said there going straight home and will not be out late at night again while waiting for a friend to pick them up. It appears to me quite offten, that the General Public don't care how much you know' Until, they know'how much you care. I feel this makes a positive impact in one's life, and in the lives of others. Take Care (Anonymous) and be Safe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the b in be' it fell over while i was typeing.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to visit our new web-site. It was created by a good friend, then populated by Brianna, then cleaned up a bit. There is a new site coming in it's place very soon, it will be new & improved.

Anyway, please pass the word about the Community Spirit celebration we will be having in Gilbert next month. We need to get walk/run participants signed up ASAP. see the web-site for all the details. It will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

After reading the Jackie Hartman.Com Poems by, Randi and Brianna it is obvious that this is a sad weekend of sorrow for all of the Hartman Family,Realitives and Friends. I wish there was something I could do for all of you to ease the pain that your hearts feel but, the poems say it all. Take care, and stay strong GOD BLESS" Ellis

Anonymous said...

Hi. Being the end of the first year, I can't help thinking about all the things ALL of us were going through last year at this time. I don't need to remind anyone of it, I'm sure all of our memories are just as vivid as my own.

I can't stop thinking about what we can do to prevent this type of thing from happening to other people. I have been thinking about what messages to put on my car to "advertise" safety. For now, I have my pink "in memory of Jackie..." sticker and a pink address to her web site on my back window. I also have had a licence plate holder made that says "some people are bad guys". I'm still thinking about other warnings I can use. Maybe bumper stickers or magnets that say something to the effect of:

Don't fall for pushy, charasmatic people

Once innocence is lost, it can't be regained

Beware of false flattery

Bad things can happen to ANYONE-even you

I'm sure you see my point.

I hope prevention will be a big part of the Jackie Hartman Memorial Foundation. This city needs some help.

Shalom (peace)
Marita Ong

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Ong, your information is so true. I hope that everyone of all ages, most of all our young people will read (over) and (over) your advise. It would be really cool if information like yours was intruduced into the education school system. And most of all brought to the attention of all parents to take the time to inform there children of the many dangers in life and to be suspicious of the actions of strange persons. I often remind the youths who i meet on the streets at night during work, that it is ok to like people as a person but, be aware and don't trust there charicter if, it appears to be the slightest bit shady and thay attempt to come on strong and and start use profanity in most of there conversations. Watch out for those who can't keep there pants pulled up and wear wierd clothing and dress stupid in order to try and hide there weapons. Most'if not all, X Cons who have been released from prisons after serving several years have there own way of conducting themselve. Thay develope a (Macho walk) and a (Smooth talk) about them until it turns ugly. Often thay will make hand gang signs out of habit, or when communicating with another gang member on the streets and in public areas, if hand gang signs are observed than beware. If a young man or woman have no pride in themelves thay will not have any respect for each other or anyone eles. So, as I read your words of advice, all I can do Mrs. Ong, is to Thank You. PEACE TO ALL OF YOU FOLKS and MAY GOD BLESS.. Ellis

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed very much being at the Feb,16-2008 Jackie Hartman, Community Event. I felt most welcomed by the few people who aproached me, to thank me for being at the event. I hope that it will continue again in the future. It was wonderful meeting Dave and Cara Randi and Bree. Take care everyone, Thank all of you again and be safe. Ellis

Anonymous said...

Thought I would stop in to remind you, that our prayers thoughts are still for all of you. Take care and God Bless. Ellis & Family

Anonymous said...

We just took our first family only trip without Jackie this weekend. We took the long weekend opportunity and went to San Diego. It sure felt strange not having her laugh and excitement coming from the back seat. She made the trips just a bit funner for everyone. I can't beleive how much I still miss her.

Anonymous said...

Grief is like a giant river. It constantly moves. It carries us places that we dare not go otherwise. It sometimes carries us exactly where we desire. It rises and ebbs and flows. It diminishes. It rages. It overflows its banks. It can free us. It feeds us and sometimes we must feed it. Sometimes it must be paddled gently. Other times it takes our oars and spins us out of control. It takes us over waterfalls that consume us and take our breath away. It seemingly has no beginning. And no end.

But once we are one with the river, we learn the intricacies of it. We can rest on shore. Or near the rock formations. We learn to hear its songs. And the music becomes familiar. We know the history, the science and the geography of the river.

This takes time. So much time. You must feel like you are drowning, but you will come to the surface and the river will pull you along. You will see the brilliant colors of the sky, the trees, the flowers, the shore. The faces you love so very much will be running along with you.

The river will carry you until you can stand and wade through to its edges. But it will never leave you.

Your extraordinary strength will help you row. It is well that you are speaking with someone who is a new face... where you can pour all of yourself out.

It must be so difficult. I continue to pray for you each moment.

Ellis said...

Hello folks' this is Ellis again, I want to share a few things with the readers of all ages,who read this Blog in honor of your loving departed Friend / Sister and Daughter Miss.Jackie Hartman, I have obseved the (My Death Space website.) The first thing that caught my eye was a sign that read (Things Happen For A Reason) I can only offer a suggestion of preventing Reasons from happening. Please don't take me wrong as I have always had a great deal of respect and concern for all of humanity, especially our youth in America.

Please be carefull of what information you put on any website about yourself or others. Websites can be very cool and fun. However, it can also attract MANY,what I refer to as (R D D B) = RED DIPPER DOPPER BABIES. This is what I consider the Bastard who took Miss.Jackie Hartmans,life to be. My prayers will always be with all of you so, take care and be carefull, watch out for each other. Sincerely, Ellis

Ellis said...

Hello! Hartman, family' I wanted to say that'I hope all of you are doing fine.

Everytime'I drive past Your' Jackies Highway Sign' I often stop to streach my legs a bit' I think about all of you and remember the serious back pain I was in' while trying hard to search, to locate your loved one.

I say a prayer for all of you... It seems like only yesterday'that I heared about the tragedy on Ch-3 TV. I wished I could have done more at the time to help out with finding Jackie.

I know that Iam a stranger to your family and that you have only met me a couple of times so' with that being said' please remember'if, I can ever be of any help to you in the future' Im only an e-mail or Phone call away.

I can never help but,to have all of you in my thoughts for the rest of my life. I know' that many others will always feel the same. Take care, and GOD BLESS! and Best regards, Ellis

Anonymous said...

You are a good person, Ellis David.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Yesterday at work we had a fire drill and we all had to go outside. I was standing alone while others were in groups, talking. A co-worker asked me why I looked so down and she could swear that she has seen me smile in the past. I told her that this is my normal look since Jackie died. What she said next is the reason I'm writing this: "but that was more that a year ago". Time does not change anything. I still have to deal with the reality of her not being physically with us. I also worry about what other bad guys are doing to other people's family members not to mention the trial that will make it all seem as though it happened yesterday. I think about all the things our family have been through as a result of Jackie's death.

pink rubber bracelets
community events
rear window stickers
road side signs
the list goes on and on and will continue to grow.

So yes, a year has past but the pain is still very, very fresh.

please remember and please remind your kids:

Don't fall for false flattery. Instead ask yourself-what is he after with all this sweet talk?

NEVER leave your group. Stay safe and stay with who you know.

Be cautious of strangers. Trust your gut feelings, if you feel that the person can't be trusted, don't trust him. We have instincts for exactly this reason.

Be kind to each other, we are all going through something.

Shalom to us all,

Marita a.k.a Aunt Tita

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just thought of something' what ever happened to my 354 Lady? If anyone knows who she is, give her a Big Hug for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here and my god you are sweet man. God Bless, and I think of you all very often.
354 Lady :)

Ellis said...

Dear, my 354 Lady' what a kind response. Thank You' very much.
My best regards to you' and all others. Ellis David,

Anonymous said...

One more thing 354' don't stay away so-long.

Ellis said...

Stopped at Jackies Sign and the Memorial this morning, I had cut some some fresh roses from up north and placed them for all of you. Also, noticed a letter or two inside the mail box. Hope that Dave and family can drive up sometime and check it out. Everyone take good care and stay safe for me. Ellis

Anonymous said...

So many things make me think of Jackie. I look at her pictures often. I have several up at both of my jobs. I read the poem that Randi wrote and I cry EVERY time I read "the memory of Jackie will always live driven". I listen to the songs that Randi picked and also the ones that were between the three of us. Hotel California will always be my song with Jackie.
Under the Bridge will alway remind me of our baby sitting days when the girls were little.

My daughter Beth is in Roller Derby and has taken her Derby name and number for Jackie. She goes by Jacked Hart #10-15. Her fellow Derby Dames call her Jacked. It is hard for me to get used to.

I can't get Jackie off my mind and I don't want to. Her memory will always live driven with me.

Shalom to us all,
Marita (Aunt Tita)

Ellis said...

Here is something, I would like to share with all those who, read this Blog, for the Hartman Family.

While at work the other night, at 2:45 AM. Driving east on Carefree Hwy. toward Cave Creek, and Carefree, Arizona. Three things in life that are most valuable, came to mind...

1. Love
2. Family and friends
3. Kindness

I also, ask the Lord to Bless all of you, as I prayed for you that night, to guide you and protect you, as you go along your way. GODS love is always with you, GODS promises are true, and when you give GOD all your cares, you know GOD will see you through.

Sincerely, Ellis David,& Family

Ellis said...

Mercy! I kinda feel like the Lone Ranger here... Just want to stop in and say, that I hope everyone is doing fine,that all will keep the Love in your Hearts Strong for jackie. I was proud to have been part of the search for Jackie, and prayed along with all of you, that the outcome would have been much better.

I hope that my unknown friend' (The One and only 354 Lady) is doing Great! and all the folks who know her, will still continue to give her a Big Hug for me. For all who don't know her, give her a Big Hug anyway:)
Ya! just never know, that hug just might come back to you someday.

Many good thoughts' will always go out to the Hartman,Family and to all there relatives. So, until you hear from me again, Take care and be safe everyone. Keep the Love for Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Hartman Family-I still visit this site often and read the blogs. I hope you all are getting stronger and that time is easing the pain a little. I'm a stranger that helped search and I will never forget that Sunday afternoon my family and I drove out to middle of the desert. I try to think positive and out of this situation I want to let you know that my family relfected on life that day. Be proud, Jackie was giving my family some bonding time. Take care Hartman family and friends. Be strong.

Randi Hartman said...

I'm sure you all know that tomorrow will be July 28th, which means we haven't had jackie for a year and 6 months. I was with my sister all of the time, we weren;t ever apart for more than a couple of days, which is why year and a half seems so long..
Jackie is still very much missed, there isn't a day that passes that I don't think of her and remonice on all of our extraordinary memories.
Everyday I wonder how I am coping with not having my sister with me anymore, and I realize it's because of all the wonderful people in my life, like my family and friends, and the wonderful strangers who have been so encouraging.
I just want to say thank you to everyone, your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Jackie will never be forgotten!

~Randi Hartman~

Ellis said...

Thank you,Randi for your kindness' your sister Jackie, will always be very proud of you and Bree. Your show of appreication is also, appreicated very much by all.

May GOD BLESS! all of you kind folks and keep you strong.
Oh! Yea' Don't forget to give your parents a Big Hug from all of us.
Again, Thank you Randi.

Anonymous said...

Hi. today marks one and a half years since we lost our Jackie. Reading the posts over and over as I do makes me realize how much she means to people outside our family. I know that Randi, Dave, Cara and Bree struggle day to day as do I. Before our live changed 1 1/2 years ago, when people would ask me "how are you?" I would answer "peachy" or "I'm well". Now my answer is "Mostly OK". I don't feel that I will ever be any better than that.

Today I am wearing all pink in memory of Jackie. I think about her all the time and I miss her.

Take care of each other and shalom.

Aunt Tita (Marita)

Jackie's Mom said...

I visit this sight and read all of the comments all you wonderful people leave, I am proud that all of you feel so strong about Jackie, some never having known her. She was an absolutely remarkable person who taught me so much about life. How I wish I could tell her how much I appreciate her. A beautiful and wonderful person who didn't have a bad bone in her. Jackie was so ambitious and dedicated to what she believed in, she was full of love and life never letting anything get in the way of success. I have pictures of her from barely out of diapers and through out her life always displaying that quality that strong character. I am so very proud of her, words no matter how I try can't express the true Jackie. I mostly feel nothing anymore, nothing but pain and anger. This world has been robbed of the kind of person it takes to make happiness and left with the kind of animal that destroys lives. Why? I read my bible so I know why, I just find it hard to go on with the terrible thoughts. Time isn't changing that. I wish I could give you something positive. I constantly ask God for the strength to go on for my my girls. I beg him to give me the knowledge and strength to give them what they need both physical and spiritual. I love my children and as always want nothing but the best for them, they are the most important reason for living.

Ellis said...

Dear, Jackies Mom, I think it is wonderful and good for you to express your thoughts and feelings with all of us who, really care about you, and all family members.

I wish, you could have spoken with my Aunt, Laura P. David, she is a wonderful little lady who could explain most anything that we do not understand. It was my honor to have cared for her during her last 5 years of life, Aunt Laura passed away at age 93 in 1993. She had attended church for 45 years or more without missing one single day.

I ask Aunt Laura one time,( Aunt Laura!) why do you read the Bible everyday between 1 and 2 PM?
She' looked up at me and replied my Son"( Iam checking it over for any mistakes!) Wow! that set me in my place.
Aunt Laura said to me during her last hour, as I held her hand, She said to me "Ellis always remember this' and also tell all of your friends who have troubles "NEVER GO OVER THE EDGE".
I have always remembered this.
Aunt Laura, always appeared to have a direct phone line with GOD for answers and request, She never had to go through an operator.
Aunt Laura is a very special person as your Jackie is.

During work and driving on the road at night, I listen to Jackies Radio Station 95.5 and pray that your Jackie has met or is with my Aunt Laura. I have also said, many times " Aunt Laura! If your listening to me, Help me to ask GOD to bless the Hartman Family by Granting them the Serenty to Accept the things they cannot change...The Courage to change the things they can and the Wisdom to know the difference, and to keep them strong and safe forever.
I feel very strong and just know that in my heart, Aunt Laura is with your Jackie, along with many others who continue watching over all of us 24-7

One positive thing is,
I think your Jackie should have a Congreational Medel Of Honor for what happened to her, and for saveing who knows, how many lives from that somekind of animal who took Jackies wonderful life away from her, and from her loving family, friends and all those who never had the chance to meet her. I feel that Jackies Spirit now, is more powerful than ever.

So, Jackies MOM' you take care, stay strong and don't ever allow yourself and your family members and friends to go over the edge. If ever you need help with anything we are just an
e-mail or phone call away. Dad has my phone number to call if ever needed. GOD BLESS you all.

Randi Hartman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randi Hartman said...

Wow, Ellis David you sure are an amazing person. I am at work, and while reading the comment you left, I had to fight back the tears. You are a big reason my family and I try harder everyday to 'accept what we cannot change'. I really appreciate all of your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I will try with everything in me to never go over the edge.
Thank you for being such a wonderful human being!

~Randi Hartman~

Ellis said...

Dear Randi, Thank You very much!
(Sorry' for your tears)
Have a HUG little Lady:)

You and the family always remember that there will always be a"Light" at the end of the tunnel' and not to worry any, (it's not a Train.)

Your family, have a right to hold anger inside of them over what has happened to your sister Jackie, as many relatives and family friends do, including myself.
My Aunt Laura, would say, The anger that we feel will later turn out to be much Tough Love from GOD' and Jackie as a way for all of us, to defend and to protect ourselves and all of those who, we will always continue to love charish the most.
Thank you, and be safe,

Ellis David, said...

Oh! Mercy! I forgot...
Better give your Sister, Bree a HUG too. By for now....

Anonymous said...

Hi. A few thoughts come to mind from reading the last 5 or 6 notes.
Cara, I have never, ever doubted the vastness of your love for your daughters. From before they were born and to this day your love has been obvious to me. I'm glad you are the woman my brother loves.

Mr. David-you have a great amount of compassion and empathy for your fellow human. You are truly a good person with a heart as big as the outdoors you patrol.

Randi, as with your mother, I've always known how much you love your family and the absolutly pure love for Jackie you will carry with you forever. Her energy is with you and making you the amazing person you have always been. I love you so much and I'm very proud of you.

Jackie, I've loved you from the day I met you. You have left a legacy with our family and with this community. We are fortunate to have had you in our lives. Your heart will forever be pure.

Mr. David's Aunt Laura is well remembered after many years of absence. She has left her own legacy and she is thought of fondly. Jackie will also be thought of as well as Aunt Laura.

Peace to us all.


Ellis said...

Dear, Marita,
I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I just thought it would be kind to use my Aunt Laura, inspirations to help all of you to cope with your sorrows and to help ease the pain that many feel. Thank you for your kind feelings and thoughts for Jackie and her family. Jackie's Legacy and inspirations will always be in the forefront forever.

Ellis said...

I had a chance to talk with my good friend Joe, (The Welder at work) who built the Menorial for the family, Joe ask me how the family of Jackie, is doing?
I replied, I think' as good as can be expected considering all the tuff times the family has been going through.

As we talked, we come up with a good idea as how to mount a light atop the Memorial. joe, put his handy work together and built a mount for the light. I have it finished and will be planning a trip up north soon to install it.

I think this light will stand as a true symbol to represent Jackie's Love for her family, realatives and friends. Also, for Harmony and Peace in this World, and all other feelings you wish for this light to repersent.

Also, as reminder for everyone who will see the light while driving the highways at night, to be carefull and as a Thank You! from Jackie, to all those for being there and helping Jackie's family during the time of need.

NOTE: If, anyone in the family would not like to see this happen, then please let me know. I will understand and respect your feelings as always.

My friend Joe and several others have ask me to pass on to all of you, there prayers.
Ok! friends, til next time, stay safe everyone... GOD Bless'

Ellis said...

Dear, Aunt Marita,
In regards to your comments of 8-8-2008 at 1:16 PM.
Thank you, for your kind words to me. I have always tried to be the special type of person that it takes to be a good friend to all who deserves one. I am proud to be yours, and for the Hartman,family.

I have learned a great deal over many years of my life, and I know just how important it is to help and support people who needs it.

I again, thank you for expressing your true feelings of concerns to all.
I ask all of you good folks to help each other to stay as strong as possible, and not allow yourselvs or each other to go over the edge.

Look at it this way....
If you take a single little twig from a tree you can snap it in half real easy without much resistance. Now' if you hold 12 twigs together and try to break them, the resistance is much greater. see what mean'

Guess another thing I am tring to say, is I understand, that when you have mush Anger and Pain along with the Sadness you start feeling lost in this world. This is why everyone needs to always stay together as, I am sure you all have done for each others Love and Support.
Continue to be safe everyone, and Ill stop the Preaching....

Much Love to all,
Ellis & Family, GOD Bless.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I'm headed up to Heber I look for and point out to anyone in the vehicle Jackie's signs and her pink cross that can be seen from both sides of the highway. We continue to pray for the Hartman family and want them to know that we miss Jackie and will never ever forget such a beautiful young woman.

Ellis said...

During my return from the Northlands today. I stopped at jackies Memorial to pay my respects to Jackie and for her family and friends.

While applying a new coat of paint to Jackies Mail Box, It started to rain so, I said to myself, Humm'...
I looked up toward the cloudy sky, and said, "Lord' you know what needs to be done, for as you can see' Im trying to paint down here."
In a few seconds the rain stopped. I finished painting the mailbox and the securement of the Light mount on top of the Memorial.

At one time, I thought that a flock of Geese were flying over head, then I realised that several people were honking their car horns at me from the roadway down below as they were driving by Ha! I wear new hearing aids. I hear things now that I could not hear for many years and what a diference they make.

Ok! Everyone' Best to all of you.
Stay Safe and GOD Bless ya!
Sincerely, Ellis

Ellis said...

Wow! Kinda looks like everyone is on vacation except me. Sorry I did not get to attend the (Golf Activities.) I was out of town and could not be there. Hope it was a good turn out.
I still keep all of you good folks in mind, I pray that you will always be in the best of health and will always remain safe.
I also, noticed on my previous trip back from the Northlands that the ground lights that lit up Jackies Memorial had been removed by persons unknown also, jackies Mailbox had been forced open.
So, sometime in the near future I will replace things and continue to remove some trash debries,from the area in order for both sides of that (Very Special Mile) to remain looking as nice as possible for your Jackie.
If I recall right' Jackies Birthday is comming up soon, I hope many folks will place some flowers for her as I intend to do for all of you and for my 354 Lady who is out there somewhere?
Take care folks and best to all.
Sincerely, Ellis & Family.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not on vacation.

Jackie's 21st birthday is October 15. I remember the day she was born. My mom, daughter and I went to the hospital when we heard that Cara was in labor. When we got to the room, Dave met us at the doorway. He was SO excited. He just kept going on and on about how everything is great, the baby's great, Cara's great. I had to interupt him to ask "what is it"? I was told that when Brianna was born he did the same thing. Jackie and Randi were in a waiting room...waiting. Dave went to get them right after Bree was born. He was going on and on about how great everyone is. They had to interupt to ask the same thing I asked almost 10 years before.

When Jackie was about 3 or 4, I heard "Hotel California" on CD for the first time while I was visiting them and it sounded so clear and good that I would pick up Jackie and hold her while it played. That's how it became our song.

I remember going to visit when she was that age or even a little younger and they were eating supper. She looked at me and said "we're eating kickin'" (chicken). to this day I still say kickin' instead of chicken.

I remember that she said "Buckle Bills" because she couldn't pronounce Buffalo. I still call her Dad's favorite team the Buckle Bills.

I remember Dave telling us that when she was about 5 months old she looked up from her crib and called him Dada for the first time. He melted. He was amazed at how fast she was growing up.

I also remember Dave changing her diaper when she was a newborn. I took pictures. He had so much rash preventing medicine on her, her rear end was completely white.

I remember how she and Randi would always want to put make-up on me and style my hair every time I visited. I would look in the mirror when they were done and be amazed at all the colors!

I remember when I babysat Jackie and Randi in 1993. She heard the phrase "wake up and smell the coffee". She loved that phrase and changed it around to everything she could think of. "Wake up and smell my Daddy's feet" remains my favorite.
I remember that the truck I had when I babysat them was named Bob. We had a joke among the three of us that Bob had body part like us. His tires were his feet, his headlights were his eyes and his doors were his arms. Also I used to tell them that Bob didn't like to be called Bobby. Jackie told a cashier at Home Depot that when Dave borrowed my truck to buy some big things. The cashier asked Jackie if they could fit everything in their car. Jackie told her, "we brought Bob, but don't call him Bobby, he doesn't like it."

I remember that Dave's nickname for Jackie was Big because she is the big sister. Randi was always Pugs and Brianna was always Peach.

I remember the love she showed me and I showed her. I loved the hugs and the visits. I will always have her in my heart and I will always remember Jackie.

Aunt Tita

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tita,
my mind is filled with so many incrediable memories. I often just reflect, these reflections usually make me smile which I hope is a the way it should be. But sometimes these thoughts stop me in my tracks and knock me a few steps back.

The three things that I think eveyone needs know about Jackie is ....
Number 1- She always wanted to do the right thing and do it to her best. That came in some many ways. She was determined since I can remember to finish college and be nurse. Graduation from High School was in her eyes not a milestone but a stepping stone.

Number 2- The way she just loved to laugh & love. She was so content just to stay home with her sisters and hug and laugh with each. The way she constantly told her sister's how much she loved them and reinforced.

Number 3- Her heart, she was so touched by human kindness. She loved to watch people and tell us about how cute like a elderly couple was as they held each other's hand. Or if I held a door for someone, simple acts of kindness brought tears to eyes. I can't help but to think about how she would felt to see this community do what they did for us. Fitting!

One more thing that I can't remember if I have shared before. I don't remember ever having to raise my voice to Jackie. Granted I've been critized for being too close to my girls, but I loved the fact she had too much respect for me and herself to do the wrong thing. That speaks volumes.

Jackie will be approaching her 21st birthday on Wednesday. I want to do something in her honor.

Thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Happy 21st Birthday young Lady' May God Bless your Spirit for ever.

Kelly VW said...

Happy 21st birthday Jackie! We will celebrate in your honor this afternoon! We all miss you desperately!

Ellis said...

Hello" folks and everyone out there who is reading this. When I get e-mail information on the latest crimes against the persons and the properties, I try to check them out for myself so, now I want to share a safety tip and warning for all of you.

From my contacts with the Hoodies on the streets at night, sometimes I can find out the latest things thay are working on doing or what is comming down the pipe line (What is sometimes refered to as making it, or scoring for drugs) Regardless of who gets hurt.

It appears now that an old trend used offten, to pull off a carjacking,is comming back into play. Someone will tape a paper of some sort, on the outside of your vehicles back windshield.

After entering your vehicle, you have the engine runing, you start to back up while looking back, you now notice a paper stuck on the rear window of your vehicle.
Most often' the driver will jump out to remove the paper.

After your out of your vehicle, all of a sudden' out of nowhere comes a ... .... who jumps in your car and takes off. The jerk has your purse/ your money and identification/ address/ along with your keys and the like.

Just as a reminder also, never park next to a van and if you notice paper stuck on your back window glass, just keep on driving and remove the paper at a safe location.

I confirmed this carjacking practice last night,that is getting ready to hit the Phoenix Valley in the near future, if not already. So, please be carefull and remain alert. Stay Safe.
GOD Bless the Hartmans,and friends.

m said...

Hello. Since our lives changed almost 22 months ago I can't stop thinking about the evil and the good. It seems that there are only 2 types of people-the bad guys and the victims. The good guys are supposed to be the winners but I question that.

We always have to be careful of the bad guys. They could be anywhere and they are after us, the victims.

A few nights ago as I was leaving work at a Valley hospital, a patient in a wheelchair had to get my attention. I tryed to ignore not sure if it was safe to acknowledge him, after all, it was 10:30 and a known bad area. After saying "excuse me" twice, I decided to ask him what I could do for him. I was careful as I approached. All he wanted was a push to the front of the emergency room which I was happy to do.

Before everything changed for us, I wouldn't have hesitated to help someone but now I'm finding that we always have to be careful. I don't like that we have to question our trust of our fellow humans, but unfortunately, that's how it is. Good guys are the victims and the bad guys can recognize that.

Stay on your guard and make it home to the family that loves you.


Ellis said...

Dear, Marita keep that attitude of yours and you will be fine. Hopefully others will follow it.

Remember to be careful, always stop for a few seconds and evaluate a sitituation before you proceed to help anyone.

I am confronted offten with situations that call for caution.
I can assure you that GOOD GUYS DO WIN! Mabe not all the time but, more offten then not.

What happened to Jackie will always be on my mind for ever, along with the countless times I have held a small infant who was involved in traffic accident or was run over by a car and died in my arms while trying to help the little person, continue breathing.

Every thing that happens to others is a lesson to be learned by all of humanity and never to be forgotton.

I see many young High School or College age ladies on the streets at night who are most offten with someone.
I watch the body language of the boyfriend or what ever the relationship may be. If it appears that the lady is in possible danger I contact the police and then take my own action to protect both subjects.

Sometimes times Iam wrong but, most offten I get a HUG from the parents for my efforts in doing the right thing, especially when the boyfriend is drunk while driving his aledged girlfriend around the streets trying to show off and being stupid.

Everyone needs to be cautious at all times and yet remember to turst the one's that you know and love. Everyone is not bad people.

GOD BLESS'all of you folks. Take the best of care,
Sincerley, Ellis

Ellis said...

Hello folks' hope everyone is doing fine and remaining in the best of health.

On my way back from the Northlands this morning, I decided to decorate jackies Memorial for you.( Hope ya don't mind,)
My actions and considerations are from my heart,with the up-most respect for all of you and for your jackie.

After a prayer for all of you and driving away with 95.5 cranked up a little on the speakers, I felt good about myself, thinking that perhaps I had made a positive diferance for all of you.

Also, as I was out side at 6:15 Pm. this Monday evening of Dec.1,2008. I checked out the South Western Sky, I observed the Moon/ Jupiter/and Saturn. This is the closest they will ever be together for several hundred years.
I thought how cool is this!
I also, thought' WOW! I know that your Jackie is up there looking down over all of you.

Take care, remain strong, my very best thoughts to all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. David for creating and maintaining Jackie's highway marker.

Mr. David, said...

My Honor,pleasure.

David Hartman said...

I can't beleive how much I really miss my little angel. Unexplainably, It is really hitting me hard these last few weeks. I constantly think about her. I never great at expressing myself and don't feel I've ever really expressed what Jackie meant to me and what a amazing girl she was. She loved deeper than anyone can love another, human-animal-friend-stranger-bug. She seen life so different than the rest of us.

People always say "she was taken for a reason, god's got bigger plans for her". I am starting to really hope that is true. Her heart was so huge, god must see some potential to do some incredible things.

There is so much I'd love to say right now, but between struggling to find the words and the emotions I'm feeling, I'm going to close.

In closing: as Phil Collins said in her and Bree's song to each other---"You'll be in my Heart".

marita ong said...

Hi. In response to my brother's words I'd like to add that it is no wonder that all three of Cara and Dave's daughters are caring, beautiful and pleasures to be with. They had always been surrounded by loving people and are the products of amazingly great parents.

December 22 is in a few days. It is the second anniversary of the last time I saw Jackie. Like Dave, our mother, our sister and my daughter, the last time we saw her was at my mother's house. Her final words to me are still clear in my head, "every time we get together you always do the cooking, next time we should go out." As I was washing the dishes last month from our Thanksgiving dinner, I was thinking about that and I stood in the place that I was in when I hugged her for the last time. In my mind I hugged her again and had tears in my eyes as I had the image.

I don't know how I feel about her being taken back to God at such a young age. I do know that we are fortunate to have had her in our lives. Her purity and goodness is eternal.

peace to us all,
Marita (Jackie's Aunt Tita)

Anonymous said...


Ellis said...

At my request, to my friends in the Navajo Nation Window Rock Az. A Holiday Prayer has been said for all of you that you will remain safe and out of harms way.
Many have been touched by your (Special Angel) who continues watching over us.

Ellis said...

At my request, to my friends in the Navajo Nation Window Rock Az. A Holiday Prayer has been said for all of you that you will remain safe and out of harms way.
Many have been touched by your (Special Angel) who continues watching over us.

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