Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Opening Statements Scheduled to Begin Today

Almost four years later, the trial is finally beginning! Could the justice the Hartman family and their friends have been waiting for be right around the corner? God willing...

Read more at http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/Trial-of-man-accused-of-killing-young-Gilbert-woman-begins-today-106954053.html.


Marita Ong said...

My mom and I attended the first two days of the trial. On the first day, mom and I were outside the courtroom door before the rest of our family returned. When we got to the door, one of the lawyers for the monster was waiting to go back inside. A young woman approached him and they had a quiet and short conversation. Eventually they entered the courtroom and it was only then that I heard him say something, he said..."we're the good guys". I briefly looked over at him, looked away and said just as loud, "I disagree". I fail to see how anyone that can defend that monster, waste of skin and air can call himself a good guy.

I miss Jackie.

Anonymous said...

I first became acquainted with this case, while randomly selecting a courtroom in the Superior Court Building. I am from Illinois and had recently moved to Arizona to attend graduate school at ASU.
As a criminal justice student, I had a keen interest in capital cases, mainly because I was against the death penalty. After attending the chronis hearing, the opening statements, as well as part of the trial, I have since changed my mind about the death penalty. But more importantly, I have been inspired by the Hartman family.
I have observed your pain and tears in the courtroom and cannot imagine the hurt that you are feeling. I have often wanted to send my condolences, but I know that the trial has to be among some of the worst days of your lives, next to those awful days back in 2007.
I have read the majority of the comments on this page about Jackie from friends and family and it sounds like she was a truly genuine, awesome person.
I just wanted to say that I am inspired by your strength, your commitment to each other, as well as your tenacity to get justice for Jackie.

I hope that the criminal justice system delivers in this case.

I wish the Hartman family nothing but the best during the next few months. I know that a wound has been torn back open, but by the end of it all, I hope that it will slowly begin to heal.

Anonymous said...

While driving up north today at 2-15-2011 at 1100 AM. I stopped at M.P.215 on 87 and observed that Jackies Cross had been cut off at the bottom and removed. Only distruction of the flowers were left behind. So' I hope who ever the low life SOB was that did this it really made you feel good all over and proud. So now with that being written and understood.
A very ((((Powerful Prayer)))) was said for you and believe me, GOD will answered it. Think of (Skinwalker) you deserve it.

Marita Ong (Aunt Tita) said...

The trial is over and we got the verdict that we wanted. After 49 months of waiting for that outcome, I was left feeling tired all of the week following the end of the trial. I checked with Dave and he said that he and Cara felt the same way, dizziness too. My daughter Beth was disoriented all week. Someone described it as coming off the adrenalin of the psst 4+ years. I wonder if the Jury felt this?

Speaking of the Jury, I'm so glad I got to meet them and thank them. I look foward to keeping in touch with them. We all went through the events of Jackie's death together, that makes us family.