Thursday, June 28, 2007

Banner Baywood Remembers Jackie Hartman

In Banner Baywood's Spring 2007 Campus News, an article on Jackie was featured. Click here to view that article.


carole pulvino said...

to know how much my niece jackie has in 19 years touched so many lives with her smile,laugh ,love and grace i wish i had more time with her. i am so proud of the woman she became and the world will miss out on such a special person.some people can live many many years and never touch so many lives as she has. next time i visit arizona i will definitly go to banner baywoood and sit under her tree. thank you banner baywood for remembering my niece jackie

marita ong said...

I accompanied my family last night to see Jackie's tree. It is a pine tree and is placed in the employee parking lot. the tree has many fading pink ribbons on it as well as a large tool ribbon in the center of the tree wrapped around the trunk. In front of the tree is a large plaque with beautiful words and Jackie's name at the bottom of it. The words express that she will be missed and always remembered.

We all noticed that the tree looks like it needs some water. We poured all that we had with us at its base but it needs more and often if is is going to live. If anyone reading this is near Jackie's tree, please give it some water and even a little love. Jackie and her family will appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to make this attempt at expressing my overwelming gratitude to the Banner Baywood family. I don't know what we would have done without your support. I knew my daughter was a remarkable person therefore I knew she would be out in the world touching the hearts of many but, I had no idea of the degree. My heart aches every moment that I am conscious however, knowing that so many wonderful people loved Jackie and reading about their feelings toward her helps me. Thank you so much, this is the least I can say.

Love you all,
Cara Hartman

Anonymous said...

Jackie's grandma Gloria and I went to visit Jackie's tree last week and noticed the ribbons had been removed, we decided to apply new ones and watered the tree. Thank you Banner for the life you have given in honor of Jackie.

love Jackie's Mom

Aunt Tita said...

My daughter Beth was in the area of Banner Baywood about a month ago and she stopped to visit Jackie's tree. She called me while se was there and I could tell she was crying. She said they were happy tears. She said that when she walked up to the tree, a jack rabbit ran out from underneath. That makes me happy too.