Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Annual Walk/Run Planned for February 16th

A community spirit celebration is planned for February 16th benefitting the Jackie Hartman Memorial Foundation. To register for and/or get additional information on this event, please visit our Website at


Anonymous said...

My family and I had a GREAT time at the walk/run for Jackie's Foundation. Thank you to everyone for doing such a great job.
a couple of things stand out in my mind.
When the band played "Who you'd be Today" I found Dave and Randi watching the band perform and I joined them. My sister,mother daughter and niece Samantha joined us. We had that moment to cry together again. The band played it beautifally. Randi said they learned it just for us.

Also I am just so impressed at how there was pracically no mees left behind. Trash was put in the dumpsters and everyone was helping to tear down the chairs and tables. That just shows again how wonderful the community is.

With continued gratitude,
Marita Ong
(Aunt Tita

David Hartman said...

I agree, everything went unbeleivably well. The Acts all did a fantastic job, the corporate sponsors truely stepped up to the plate. Everyone hit a home run.

I would like to thank eveyone for coming out on a blistering day in the desert.

My only regret is neglecting to thank the team that put this all together. That was more number 1 goal for Saturday, and I stuck out. This team worked thier collective tails off. I have say with the upmost sincerity, that I love each one whole heartedly. These folks are true angels on earth.

The folks that are responsible for our success are Karen Nolan, Vivian Owens, Bill Phoenix, Ginger Riveria, Kirk Sogard, Dawn Smith, Greg Sveland, Kevin Akbari, Rob Buelow and Gary & Kelly Bennett.

I am honored to have friends of such character.

Once again, Thank you everyone. You make me proud!

David Hartman